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3 Creative Ways to Reach Your Audience Through Content Creation

Zac Johnson
Zac Johnson

With the content overload on the internet, how can you make yours stand out?

Do you currently have an online business and struggle to come up with new and exciting ideas to reach your target audience? This is something we are seeing across a wide range of markets, as it seems like content creation is taking over and we are getting overwhelmed with too much of it on a daily basis.

To help with this process, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways businesses and brands are connecting with their audiences while getting quite creative in the process. Best of all, you can use each of these methods within your own brand or business. It's not just about creating content; it's about providing it to your audience in a way that's interesting and fun, making them want to engage in the process.

1. Bring data to life with infographics.

As we all know, images and video content are more in demand than ever. This is especially true with more people using their mobile devices and social media to view websites and information online. One of the best ways to convert existing or new data into visuals that your audience will love is infographics. is a perfect example of a big brand finding a lot of success with this. While the company focuses on financial topics and services, this offers some great opportunities for fun content creation and marketing ideas as well. To reach a new audience while keeping the core of its business and marketing efforts in mind, the company created an infographic that features the current industry of the business of vacations and some of the top destinations for tourists in the world today.

What makes this infographic stand out is that it has value not only to businesses focused on world travel, but also to companies and local attractions in the many different tourist locations. Right away, you will also see how professional and clean the infographic is. In an online world where we are inundated with content, it's important to not only create the best content possible but also make sure it's visually appealing and valuable.

2. Improve storytelling with explainer videos.

Sticking with the theme of how important engaging content is on the internet today, explainer videos have quickly become one of the best ways to turn an audience into high-quality leads and paying customers. While we all know the importance of great content and storytelling, nothing brings such information and content to life better than online video.

A great example of this is explainer videos, which are commonly used as presales videos or to explain a service or product but can also be used for much more. Explainer video creation has become a whole lot easier as well, thanks to solutions like mysimpleshow. However, just being a solution for online video is no longer enough. On its blog, mysimpleshow is continually coming out with new text and video content to better inform audiences and brands on how to use videos within their own content and marketing outreach. In one of its latest guides, it walks you through how to use storytelling to increase brand messaging, and it even has an explainer video for the process. Text content is great, but wouldn't you rather watch an online video instead? 

If you think about all of the greatest speakers in the world today, you may find the main thing they have in common is that they are great storytellers. Unfortunately, this isn't a skill we all possess, but we can use explainer videos to make the storytelling and brand messaging process a whole lot easier.

3. Compile expert roundups.

While professional visual images like infographics and high-quality videos are always going to provide a lot of value to audiences, some site owners or brands might simply not have access to such solutions or designers, or the finances to justify their costs. This doesn't mean that you should stop coming up with creative ideas or exciting new ways to engage with your audience. It just means you need to get a bit more creative and put some extra time to good use.

One of the best ways to still provide content and value to your audience with great user data and text content is expert roundups. The concept here is simple: Reach out to as many experts as you can and ask them a question that would provide value to your audience. Once you get enough answers back, you can then go live with a roundup post of your own.

This is something Srish Agrawal of Logo Design Team has been implementing into his online design service for quite a while now. You can see one of his latest roundups here, which has over 50 different responses from industry experts around the world. Not only does this content have extreme value to his audience, he is also bringing authority and trusted names to his site while getting massive social sharing from each of these participants as well. Some of his latest expert roundup posts have seen more than 2,000 social shares.

Audience engagement and content creation is key.

As you can see from each of the examples above, engaging with your audience is all about creating better content than the competition. With over 1 billion active websites on the internet today, it's no longer just about creating content. It's about giving your audience better value in new and creative ways. Infographics, explainer videos and expert roundups are some of the best ways to bring exciting new life to your online marketing and content creation process. Be sure to start implementing these methods into your business today.

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