3 Things All Content Marketing Hopefuls Should Have on a Resume

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

So you’re ready to embark on an exciting career in content marketing? Let's talk strategy. Check out 3 things you must have on your resume.

So you’re ready to embark on an exciting career in content marketing? That means it’s time to talk effective strategy—resume strategy, that is. Yes, your resume will need a strategy just like any other piece of content.

Considering that your future job will entail taking a potentially “boring” topic and turning it into a piece of content worth promoting, your resume serves as a fantastic first representation of your work. That means you’ll need to know your audience (your potential employers) and give them a resume that speaks to their needs in an engaging way.

Most of your potential employer’s needs should be listed right on the job description, but it’s still possible for you to deliver a few more they may not be asking for to help you stand out a bit. Check out the three things all content marketing hopefuls should have on a resume to land an interview.

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1. Creative and Clear Formatting

If your resume content is boring and/or poorly laid out, how are you supposed to convince your interviewer that you can produce engaging content once you’ve got the job? There are lots of ways to create an awesome resume that stands out, flows well and presents your skills and accomplishments in and engaging way.

A great way to stand out is to get some resume design inspiration from design and infographic blogs. If you’ve got the Photoshop skills to pull off your own design that’s great! If not, there are plenty of templates and guides to help you out. Fast Company offers an informative article with some tips on doing it right.

2. Experience and Educational Background in Writing

You may not be a copywriter, but writing skills are still super important as a content marketer. “One of the first things I look for on a content strategist’s resume is a solid background in writing," says Paul Phifer, Director of Content at BestSatelliteInternet.com. “The ability to connect with influencers online and understand the type of content that gets picked up is absolutely essential.”  

If you’re currently finishing up your senior year, you have the perfect opportunity to fill up some gen ed credits with one or two creative writing or journalism courses to build your skills and earn some writing clout.

Another great place to begin developing your writing skills is through blogging. You can create your own blog or publish your content on LinkedIn to start, then move on to applying for contributor positions on blogs that cover your topics of interest once you think your writing skills are ready.

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3. CMS Skills

Experience with formatting and publishing content through a content management system (CMS) will be a huge plus. While previous experience won’t be necessary for most entry level roles, it has the potential to serve as an indicator that you are capable of not only creating but executing your content strategy.

Megan Marrs from Wordstream notes, “WordPress and Drupal are two common examples of content management systems you may want to get your hands dirty with. Put this on your marketing skills list and you'll be sure to get noticed.”

Putting it All Together

Ultimately, potential employers are looking for a well-rounded content marketer with an eye for attractive formatting, the ability to effectively communicate ideas and objectives, and some technical experience to back it all up.

If you’ve already got all of these things, put them on your resume. If not, get out there and seek opportunities to learn as discussed in each point. After all, content marketing is an ever evolving field which means you’ll need to develop a passion for ongoing learning and engaging in the field from the get go.

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