3 Ways to Clean Up CRM Records Before the New Year

Business.com / Starting a Business / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Find out how to get a head start on your company's goals for the next year by prepping your CRM records for continued success.

Our approach to customer relationships can completely transform the way we do business. If your CRM records are in utter chaos, it can significantly affect the way you move forward with future introductions, pipeline building and closing deals. Why not get a head start on your company's goals for next year by prepping your CRM records for continued success?

Get Rid of Duplicates

Redundant records can bog down your system and cause confusion, especially if notes are getting lost amongst duplicates. For example, someone on your sales team might have an extremely noteworthy interaction with a customer and then log the details in a duplicate record, which gets lost in the shuffle. When someone else attempts to call up this information, they have to sift through duplicate records in order to find the relevant information.

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Consolidate all the information about a client under a single record, and then get rid of the duplicate clutter. Some CRMs even have built-in detection systems that will alert you when duplicates occur. Removing redundant records will help your team save time in the long run, reduce communication errors and streamline your CRM system.

Reach Out to Old Contacts

Go through your CRM system and flag old accounts that haven't been contacted by your company in ages. Now's the perfect time to reconnect. Consider sending out information about your holiday promotions or even emailing a personalized holiday card from your team. You'll also want to check in with clients who might have end-of-year budgets to spend before they lose out on funds.

Assign tasks to your team and make sure that they reconnect with these old contacts before the year is over. These conversations could help your company get preliminary discussions out of the way, so that you can start the new year off with several new opportunities in progress. This can be a great way to get positive results from contacts you've fallen out of touch with.

Don't let your old contact records just sit there and take up precious space. If you attempt to reconnect and don't hear back, see if you can archive these records. Don't delete them all together, because these contacts might become relevant again in the future.

Streamline Content Record Templates

If many employees access your CRM system, you might want to streamline record entry templates so that everyone understands where to record important customer information, transactions, and upcoming opportunities without confusing others. Create a record template strategy, requesting employees to enter certain key information whenever they create a new record.

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Here are some requests you can include in your template:

  • Where/how you met the customer (on the sales floor, over the phone, via email)
  • What the customer's current and future needs are
  • A brief summary of your conversation
  • The next steps in assisting this customer
  • How they wish to use your products or services
  • The customer's current budget for purchases

In order for employees to get this information, they will certainly need to ask customers specific questions. These conversations can help employees drive for the most relevant answers and close deals faster. CRM record templates can help employees easily identify key pieces of information and action on important accounts sooner.

Don't close out this year with messy CRM records and chaotic customer interactions. You can clean up these records by eradicating duplicates, reaching out to old contacts, and creating note templates that will streamline your company's CRM records. Once you tidy up, make sure to schedule regular maintenance so that your CRM remains organized. This end-of-year housekeeping can help your business build new opportunities, save time, and work more efficiently.

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