Encouraging Team Spirit: 3 Ways To Motivate Outsourced Employees

Business.com / Managing / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Outsourcing tasks and functions of your business can be a huge benefit, but sometimes, these employees aren't as motivated. Here's help!

Running a company can be difficult and trying to motivate outsourced employees to the production level desired can be even more difficult.

Outsourced employees often times cost money to train and it is much cheaper to motivate or improve the performance of an outsourced employee rather than start the hiring process over again.

There is no guarantee that the outsourcer being hired to replace the low producer will be any better.

Motivation is the name of the game when it comes to whipping a group of outsourced employees into shape.

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Everybody is motivated in a different way and without a person being physically there it makes it difficult to read but here are a few tips to motivate your outsourced employees.

Recognize Their Holidays

This can be something as simple as sending out a mass email telling outsourced workers to have a great holiday. If a manager is generous then they might buy outsourced employees some kind of gift or find them a coupon for a store in their country.

E-commerce is booming around the world so a simple gift card to an online store will suffice. There are holidays that can be production killers like the Chinese New Year in which the celebrations go on for a better part of a month. It is not essential to give days off for these holidays but if no big deadlines are coming up, this could build be a large amount of rapport with the workers. 

Many outsourced workers are paid hourly so you can leave it up to them if they want to work or not. For those that are on salary, a lenient work schedule during their holidays can have them feeling rejuvenated when they get back into the full swing of things. 

Bonus Structures

For those who say that hourly pay is enough should be right. Small bonuses can be a huge motivator for outsourced employees as what many would consider a measly bonus in the US might be considered very generous elsewhere. This small bonus payment should be evaluated as a manager will not want to give them out

This small bonus payment should be evaluated as a manager will not want to give them out if production hasn’t picked up at all. Often times instead of a bonus many outsourced workers would like steady work as contractor work can sometimes be on and off.

Once a manager or team leader has found a good group of outsourced workers it is just as important to keep them happy as it is for them to get the manager happy. There are plenty of terrible outsourced workers that will have to be tried out before finding the perfect fit.

Remember Cultural Differences

Americans often times can be very soft when reprimanding someone and this can be lost in translation. There are cultures who take harsh criticism very well and this can help motivate them. A wishy-washy manager who starts out by telling a person what they are doing right will not get through to some outsourced workers. Americans tend to feel bad about reprimanding employees but in other cultures, it is important to be serious and straightforward. 

India is a place where a large portion of outsourced workers come from even though only 10 percent of the country has internet access. People from India are a perfect example of outsourced workers who perform better with strict rules and deadlines. Something as simple as learning a phrase or remembering a birthday can go a long way. 

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Humanizing the company is important as well as outsourced workers will have a harder time not producing from an entity who they have a personal relationship rather than a giant corporation. Keeping employees motivated when they are in the office can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Motivating those who are outside the office and often outside of the country is not impossible but it is necessary to actively work at it.

Outsourced workers can make a company extremely profitable and free up time for in-house workers to do more complex projects. When an outsourced employee starts to fall behind, try some motivation tactics before the reprimand is handed out. If a manager can motivate those outside the office then the production in the office should also be incredible!

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