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Sales Ahead: 30 Tactics Proven to Increase E-commerce Conversion [INFOGRAPHIC]

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Following proven ideas can boost your conversion instantly than start A/B testing to increase it further.

Is a low conversion rate harming your E-commerce business?

Conversions are one of the top factors that determine the performance of E-commerce websites.

That’s why many businesses panic when they’re not making enough sales.

Maybe you need to better optimize your landing page for conversions. Or you could encourage people to purchase if you make some site design improvements.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective methods for boosting conversion rate.

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Involve and Engage Customers

Your customers are your best brand ambassadors, so use this to your advantage. Consumers tend to trust recommendations from other people over traditional ads.

Your best bet at making more sales is customer reviews and referrals. You must ensure that your customers have an excellent purchase experience so that they'll want to talk about.

Also, provide exceptional customer support that enhances their experience even more.

Get your customers engaged with loyalty programs. Loyalty programs not only get them to stick to your brand but also encourage further purchases.

Have a good referral program in place for customers to get rewarded for giving you word-of-mouth publicity.

You could also provide free trials, demos, exciting discounts, and exclusive offers that guide customers towards buying.

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Prove Your Credibility

Many consumers avoid purchasing from a website because they don’t trust it. This means that proving your credibility could easily increase your conversion rate. Give your prospective customers assurance that their purchases are protected at your website.

Adding security seals and authenticity stamps are a great way to show your credibility. This will make your customers feel more at ease and likely to hit the purchase button.

You could also add case studies and statistics regarding your product or company's brand to further add credibility.

As I mentioned before, consumers trust the opinions of other consumers like them. Therefore, adding a customer review widget to your product page could encourage them to make a purchase.

If they see that customers who have bought the product are satisfied and recommending it, they'll feel more compelled to buy.

So you see that there's a multitude of effective strategies you can utilize for making improvements that boost your E-commerce conversion rate.

I suggest using the below infographic to gather more proven ideas for conversion optimization.

These tactics can help convert a higher percentage of site visitors into paying customers for better sales.

If you have any questions or feedback, I'd love to help improve your conversion rate.

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30 Proven Ideas To  Increase E-commerce Conversion Infographic

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