35.6 Million Adults Will Use Mobile Coupons in 2013 - We Have 5 Ideas For Your First One

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

You can make mobile coupons that are targeted to your location, integrated with your other marketing campaigns, or distributed through...

How popular are mobile coupons?

Consumers worldwide will redeem over $43 billion worth of mobile coupons by 2016 according to Juniper Research, and 35.6 million adults in the US will use mobile coupons in 2013 alone (Microsoft Tag).

When planning your business's first mobile coupon campaign, you have a lot of options. You can make coupons that are targeted to your location, integrated with your other marketing campaigns, or distributed through a third-party provider.

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1. Geo-Targeted Coupon

33% of consumers use location based services to identify coupons (Microsoft Tag). When potential customer search for your products or services in your local area, the advertisement for a mobile coupon can convince them to choose your business over your competitors.

2. Thanks for Checking In!

Does your business participate in mobile check-in programs like Foursquare or Perka? These location-based social media networks rely on users checking in to the restaurants, retailers, and other businesses as they frequent them. You can set up your program so that customers receive a mobile coupon upon check-in that they can redeem during their visit.

  • This type of coupon increases customer usage of the check-in app, benefits your loyalty program, and has the potential to increase each customer's total purchase amount.

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3. Integrated Campaign

Mobile coupons can be independent of your overall marketing campaigns, or they can become an integral element of those campaigns.  The more channels you use to market to your customers, the more effective that marketing will be -- 20 to 60% more effective over two channels, and 60 to 125% more effective over three different channels (DMA).

  • Consider attaching a mobile coupon to your email or direct mail marketing campaigns via a QR code. Mobile users are three times more likely to scan a 2D bar code to receive a coupon than to respond to a marketing text message.

4. Daily Deal Provider

31% of mobile shoppers receive their coupons through daily deal sites like Groupon and LIvingSocial (Nielsen Wire). When you partner with an affiliate of this type, much of the hard work -- setting up, marketing, managing, and distributing the coupon -- is taken on by a third party. You simply enter the type of coupon  you wish to offer your mobile customers, and your partner takes care of the rest. The provider's fees can be worth the cost since it enables you to set up a coupon with very little effort.

5. Spring Cleaning (and Other Hooks)

Your mobile coupons don't have to be connected to your apps, your location, your marketing, or your marketing affiliates in order to be effective. Some of the simplest mobile coupons function independently of those elements and are simply distributed through your subscriber list or search engine banner ads. The hook that you  use to make those coupons attractive to your customers can vary extensively.

  • Use a mobile coupon to clear out excess stock in the name of "spring cleaning," or schedule it to take advantage of any upcoming holidays or special events.
  • Offer limited-time deals or discounts on certain products or services.
  • Offer a free gift with any purchase over a certain dollar amount.

The more information you have about your marketing campaigns, the better you can fine-tune them for greater effectiveness. Mobile coupon campaigns are great for businesses because they are so easy to track.

Whether the coupon originated from your check-in app or a QR code on your direct mailing, you will be able to determine its origin, its conversion rate, and its overall effectiveness. With this data at hand, you can create new coupons that will bring in even more customers and better benefit your business.

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