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4 Ways Facebook Messenger Can Boost Your Business

Anne Clark
Anne Clark

This chat platform has hugely helpful applications for business.

You've probably heard countless times that Facebook can help you grow your business. But have you heard how its Messenger platform can help you make a bigger impact on your customers?

To date, the platform remains the most popular and widely used social network all over the world, boasting over 2 billion daily active users. Now, businesses are leveraging its Messenger platform in engaging audiences and communicating with customers.

The social media platform's impact on every business, consumer and individual's daily life is so phenomenal that new trends and lifestyles have emerged from it. Just look around, and you'll notice people on the streets glued to their mobile phones, browsing their Facebook feeds and talking to their friends over Facebook Messenger.

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal further proved how powerful Facebook could be in reaching specific audiences. If your business isn't on Facebook Messenger, then you're missing out on a ton of opportunities.

Here are some of the business applications of Facebook Messenger.

1. Recruitment

When it comes to recruitment and hiring, a Facebook strategy is crucial. You can find top talent with the right skill sets for your open positions on the social media network, and Facebook Messenger can help you pre-qualify and screen applicants. Instead of spending on costly telephone calls or time-consuming video interviews, you can efficiently determine whether a candidate is fit for the job through automated messages on Facebook Messenger.

You can implement an applicant-tracking and lead pre-qualification system on Messenger that can auto-call your candidates for you. Through bots, you can create a series of basic questions to assess their interest in the position and whether they're qualified for the job.

Ads can also be directed to a targeted Messenger flow that can help you prescreen candidates. This way, your leads are consolidated into a single channel so that you can more efficiently measure the ROI of your ads while prescreening them.

2. Customer support

You've most likely encountered brands that offer customer support through social media messaging platforms. A recent report even claims that, by 2019, requests for customer support through mobile messaging apps (such as Facebook Messenger) will exceed requests for customer support through traditional social media. In fact, more than 56 percent of consumers would rather send a message using an app than call customer service.

Incorporating Facebook Messenger into your customer support strategy is simple. As long as your company has a Facebook business page, you can create automated yet personalized messages, use keywords to track and organize conversations, and even configure response times.

Using Facebook Messenger as a customer support channel will help you offer clients a faster and more convenient way to reach your customer service agents. They no longer have to be put on hold while tethered to a phone, as they can conveniently chat with your agents while doing other tasks.

3. Advertising

Facebook advertising has evolved over the years. Now, you can push ads directly to your target market through Messenger Ads. While it's still relatively new, it has already proven to increase conversions.

If you're already familiar with Facebook advertising, you're in luck, because it works the same way. However, you're changing the placement of your ad to Messenger.

The great thing about this is that you can use the same ads or images across various Facebook advertising campaigns. Your ads will be delivered to Messenger users who fit your target audience. When they tap on the ad, they'll be directed to the webpage destination you chose during your ad creation, whether that's your website homepage, a contact form or a product sales page.

4. Marketing and remarketing

Building brand awareness isn't easy, especially for new businesses. But with Facebook Messenger, it's easier to drive your target audience into a conversation with your brand.

Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads can help you reach a large number of people within your target market and interact with them individually through the messaging app. When a user clicks or taps your ad on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, a chat box with your business page will immediately open on Messenger. You can create a personalized message or greeting to encourage your lead to talk to you.

Facebook has once again struck gold with another revolutionary platform that helps businesses grow, expand and achieve success. The entire Facebook ecosystem can be used to build brand awareness, encourage audience engagement, and ultimately drive profit and revenue.                                       

Outline your specific goals and objectives to ensure the success of your Messenger strategies. Use relevant descriptive text and images so that your target audience will know what your business is about the moment they see your ad. Make sure to test, measure and analyze your campaigns so that you can re-evaluate and refine your strategies.

Communication apps are the next big thing for businesses. Creating a Facebook Messenger strategy now rather than later will help you set your brand apart from your competitors at an early stage. As business owners, you need to adopt emerging technologies or risk being left behind.

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Anne Clark
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