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4 CMMS Packages for Small Businesses editorial staff, writer
Oct 30, 2014
> Marketing

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) automatically tracks your equipment and other assets to extend lifespan, reduce maintenance costs, and improve utilization.

CMMS functionalities include:

  • Work Order Scheduling: Assignment of personnel, inspection of equipment, machine repairs, and preventative maintenance.
  • Asset Management: Tracks when equipment is purchased, serviced, warranty coverage, repair history.
  • Inventory Control: Management of equipment location, spare parts, tools, and other materials.
  • Safety Requirements: Keeps records of permits, inspections, and other documentation required for regulatory and insurance purposes.

The aim is to lower operating costs and improve the productivity of maintenance staff. One CMMS provider, Maintenance Assistance, claims an average 15 percent productivity after only the first six months of use of its software.

Most CMMS are modular and can easily expand functionalities and capacity along with your business and equipment needs. Moreover, the trend toward scalable, cloud-based architecture is particularly attractive for small businesses because it eliminates costly on-premises installation and complicated IT infrastructure.

Four Popular CMMS Packages Compared

In the past, CMMS was thought of as a big-business solution, but today even small companies with relatively small equipment inventories can reap its benefits. Here are some top contenders that are Web-based, easy to use, and don't require technical knowledge or a technical staff to operate -- in fact, they can be accessed by any device using any operating system:

eMaint X3

Budget-friendly and easily customizable to the scope of the business and needs of the industry segment.


  • User-defined work "hubs" for real-time access to lengthy lists of items without having to refresh pages
  • Flexible maintenance work-order scheduling, asset management, preventive maintenance, and inventory management functions
  • Real-time reporting, automatic updating
  • Customizable dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • 95 preloaded reports
  • Supports multiple locations and integrates with other ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems
  • Unlimited, on-demand access to training

Pricing: Four tiers with increasing levels of support and function. Standard: $40 per user/per month. Self-Starter: $65 per user/per month. Get Onboard!: $85 per user/per month. All In!: $120 per user/per month.


While the name would seem to imply a focus on work orders, these work orders control preventive maintenance, assets, inventory, employees, documentation, scheduling, and service.


• No hardware or software to install
• Customizable customer service request forms
• Mobile and tablet versions
• Free trial

Pricing: Starts at $35 monthly.

Maintenance Connection

Target markets are general facilities management, health care, manufacturing, government, utilities, warehouses, energy, and travel. Won 18th Annual Product of the Year Award by Plant Engineering.


• Multisite inventory tracking and work order creation
• Procedure and document library
• Open architecture, and no plugins, applets, or other proprietary code required
• SaaS (Software as a Service), hosted online (installed on a secure server accessed via Internet), or onsite (installed on premises server and accessed via intranet) options
• Customizable work screens and reports
• Scalable from 10 users to 10,000
• Free Trial

Pricing: Three purchase options, depending on whether it's SaaS, hosted online, or installed on-site. Maintenance Connection does not publish its pricing, but responds to requests for quotes.

Que Centre

Aimed primarily at small- and medium-sized businesses in the aviation, education, health care, industrial, banking, and IT maintenance markets. Emphasizes simplicity and ease of use.


• Modular, integrated work order, maintenance, inventory management, asset management, and event scheduling packages
• Quick and easy setup
• Simple interface
• Free upgrades
• Unlimited users, unlimited support, and training

Pricing: Two tiers: Small Business (1 to 5 users): $90 monthly. Mid-Sized Business (6 users or more): $150 per month. editorial staff editorial staff
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