4 Inexpensive Ways to Add Video to Your Marketing Toolbox

Business.com / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Video marketing is awesome, but it can be expensive. This is how to do it on a budget.

Video is an awesome tool that can help you at every stage of the sales cycle.

For example, you can create fun videos on social that will attract people to your brand, an explainer video to help convert prospects into customers, and educational videos to help customers use your product and become raving fans of your brand.

Video really does have many uses, but with that comes a lot of cost. Creating a video can be expensive, especially when you don't have a huge budget to play with.

So this week, I'm going to show you four inexpensive ways to add video to your marketing toolbox.

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1. Shoot From Your Smartphone

We've suddenly reached an age where smartphone technology is so advanced, you could easily use yours to get away with creating a fairly decent video. This is a great option if you wanted to create a quick video for social media, and there are various apps to help you do just that.

For example, Instagram recently launched Boomerang, which is an app that lets you create five second gifs, so you can pull out your camera whenever and shoot a quick video there and then. But don't worry if you wanted to shoot longer footage, the platform also gives you the option to record or upload a video up to 60 seconds in length.

Twitter also launched Periscope, a video app that lets you stream footage to all of your followers. Alternatively, you can use Twitter to record or upload from within the app.

What can smartphone videos be used for?

  • Interviews with people within your industry
  • Events such as a product launch
  • Behind the scenes clips from your office
  • Fun videos that your audience would want to share
  • Record educational live action videos such as a webinar

For example, McDonald's created this simple stop motion video to celebrate the fact that they'd reach one million fans on Instagram. It's a simple video that includes their products, and is incredibly easy to pull off.


A video posted by McDonald's (@mcdonalds) on


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2. Use Screen Recording Technology

Screen recording software is great for creating professional videos, and there are various free tools available. CamStudio gives you the ability to record screen and audio activity on your computer so that you can create industry standard video files.

Camtasia is industry-leading software that captures all of your screen activity. You'll be able to download a free trial, which is great for a one off video, but if you wanted to continue to use it then you'll need to pay, with prices starting from around $200.

Movavi is a screen capture software that's available to download on your mac. You'll be able to use it to record screen activity, edit the footage, and save your videos to watch across any device.

What can a screen capture video be used for?

  • To demo software or an app
  • To simplify your product, website or service
  • To train employees' on a new tool or product

Take a look at this example of this app video we made for Dash Remind. It showcases how the audience can benefit from this app, before they download it, and many consumers have told us that they find this type of video useful when making an app purchase.

3. Use Animation Software

Animation is one of the most engaging ways to connect with your audience, and it doesn't have to be expensive. If you check out Powtoon then you'll find a platform that lets you create animated videos and presentations.

Although the free version is fairly basic, this platform will help you create up to five minutes of footage, and offers free music and different video themes to choose from.

Pencil2D Animation is another tool that you can use if you wanted to draw traditional hand-drawn animation. It's free to use, and available for Mac, Windows and Linux, so certainly worth downloading if you wanted to experiment.

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What can animated videos be used for?

  • To explain your product or service
  • To educate your audience on the benefits of your brand
  • To tell your story in the most engaging way

4. Shop Around for a Video Company

Creating videos on your phone for social media is one thing, but if you did want to create a professionally-slick piece of content, like an explainer video, then it's best to search around for a company you can afford.

At Wyzowl we create animated and screen recorded explainer videos, like this one below for MagFinder.

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