Land of New Opportunity: 4 Lesser Known Social Media Platforms / Social Media / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Opportunities are being missed if you're not aware of these beneficial, lesser known social media platforms. Get to know them inside.

Every digital marketing expert should be aware of the main and most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube, but what about those that are lesser known?

There are platforms out there that don't receive as much attention as the big guys, but it doesn't mean they don't deserve it.

Each of these platforms have their own set of beneficial qualities, making them valuable tools for all marketers. 

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1. Fancy

Fancy is another website for buying and selling products, but it's a bit fancier.

Available in 33 languages, Fancy allows for buying, selling, exposure, sharing, and more. From a marketing point of view, brands have the opportunity to boost sales due to Fancy's targeted exposure. These sales are easy to track with the analytics dashboard, containing information such as where, when and how the products are being sold.

This provides a marketer with further insight into how consumers respond to their brand. Fancy is accessible through mobile devices and helps sellers to implement offers and deals, as well as promote the brand through Fancy's website and email placements. For E-commerce companies, both big and small, this platform's merchant resources and storefront options provide easy management for when the sales start rolling in. 

2. Social Mention

Social Mention is exactly what it sounds like, a platform that tracks whenever a company or brand is mentioned. When typing in the name of a company, brand, product, or topic, Social Mention scans the web in real-time.

A major benefit of this platform is brand management. Having the ability to see what is being published at that exact point in time gives one the opportunity to act upon it, whether positive or negative.

With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more, user generated content is easily published and quickly seen. Along with being able to see the specific mentions and where they are coming from, Social Mention is equipped with a dashboard displaying sentiment, top keywords, top users, top hashtags, sources, unique authors, and how many days per mention. Searching and/or receiving alerts will help brands to stay on top of what's being said, manage the situation and handle necessary responses. 

3. Wanelo

Wanelo, which stands for want, need, love, is a products website curated by people. For both giant, well-known brands and small, newer sellers, Wanelo is a creative way to get people talking about a brand or product. When users click on products, the website directs to a page where they can save or buy, not a blog or other post.

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With today's vast digital marketing presence, it's important for social platforms to offer unique, engaging and interactive ways to distribute content. Wanelo users can share products, follow brands, create personalized feeds, view what's trending, receive notifications from favorite stores, and sell products. Sellers have easy communication with their followers. Once the store is verified by Wanelo, sellers can expect a boost in sales, exposure and engagement. 

4. Tagboard

Tagboard is a platform that allows the search of any hashtag that could possibly be floating around social media. Content management, interaction and social media integration can all be attained by utilizing Tagboard. Since the growth of hashtags is constantly on the rise, having access to everywhere they're being used is beneficial for brands and creating impressions. Just by typing in a desired hashtag/topic, numerous integrated and real-time results will appear, connecting marketers and users with a community of people with similar interests. T

hese results display relevant postings based on what was searched, giving the Tagboard user the ability to engage with others in a specific industry, create their own tagboards and share with others. A benefit for all brands on this platform is that each brand can use the found integrated content for marketing purposes. With Tagboard Live, marketers can display live events, which can help to increase engagement and increase the digital audience. An added bonus is that there is no worrying with Tagboard. Users have the ability to automatically feature the best content. 

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Each of these platforms have a differential advantage in the world of social media, all in which are beneficial for marketers. Whether it's for content management, monitoring the many posts about a specific industry, delivering a product or service in a new way, engaging with relevant audiences, or all of the above, these platforms will help marketers accomplish these goals.

The world of marketing is forever changing, especially after the introduction of mobile devices. Marketers must always keep their eyes peeled for the next big thing, even if it's not so big at the moment. It's not to say that these platforms aren't widely used, they just aren't up there with some of the others yet. Take advantage of these platforms, learn to use them in the most beneficial way for the brand and don't miss out on any marketing opportunities. 


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