4 Major Changes in QuickBooks 2014

Business.com / Financial Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Reviewing some of the most important changes in QuickBooks 2014.

QuickBooks 2014 offers some exciting new features and updates.  Even if you don’t need the newest bells and whistles, you will need to upgrade if your current edition is 2011, as support was discontinued for this version in May. That may not be much of an issue if you and your accounting staff are fairly proficient in the software and you haven’t called tech support for years. If you use QuickBooks Payroll or Merchant Services, the upgrade is required.

QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2012 or Enterprise 12.0 will be supported until May 2015. The 2013 editions of both versions will be supported until May 2016. The so-called “sunsetting” of earlier versions every two-year cycle is common Intuit practice.

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Here is an overview of what’s new in QuickBooks 2014:

1. More Satisfying Palette in QuickBooks 2014

Some users really hated the dark color scheme of the navigation page, complaining of eye fatigue and headaches over extended viewing. The new default color is a dark “Harmony Blue.”

2. QuickBooks' Payroll Keeps Getting Better

QuickBooks has consistently provided excellent payroll tools for small businesses. The biggest change in QB2014 is the redesigned payroll center, where three tabs replace a single screen for improved organization and reduced clutter.

3. Better Email Functionality in QuickBooks 2014

There are a variety of new email capabilities. QuickBooks 2014 lets you:

• Track all customer emails
• Email customer receipts
• Create multiple email templates for different forms
• Add multiple attachments to Web-based emails

4. Renamed Bank Feeds and Income Tracker

Formerly called “Online Banking,” the “Bank Feeds” feature has an improved interface to better highlight different transactions. It is easier and faster to transfer bank and credit card information from multiple accounts into QuickBooks. The Collections Center is now called “Income Tracker.” It provides a dashboard-like tool for an at-a-glance view of unpaid and unbilled invoices. It also allows for easy reprinting of batch transactions.

5. Other Key Improvements

  • Better filtering. You can tag “sales reps” to jobs in addition to “customer,” and you can filter reports by job status (e.g., closed or in process)
  • Ability to copy and paste entire lines, not just fields.
  • Maintenance alerts and other notifications display on right side of home screen for quick and easy review.
  • Autosuggestions for the search function make finding information faster and easier.
  • Ability to search within results.
  • Ability to track bounced checks and key reports with a single mouse click.
  • Fit-to-Height print feature spreads a number of pages vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Windows and other functions open faster for improved performance.

This review should help you determine of the new QuickBooks 2014 has the improved features you desire to warrant an upgrade or a subscription to QuickBooks Online. Sometimes, the decision to upgrade can hinge on a single feature that is essential for you.

For a complete list of features by version year, consult The QuickBooks website.

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