4 Rules for Mobile-Optimized Email Marketing

Business.com / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Almost 1/2 of all emails are read on mobile, but 89% of marketing emails aren't mobile-optimized. Use these 4 rules to get mobile-friendly.

Everywhere you look, people are on their phones. In bed, on the bus, at a restaurant, in a meeting, and even in the bathroom—whether we like it or not, smart phones are practically glued to our hands.

Not surprisingly, almost half of emails (48%) are opened on mobile devices these days. Our handy, all-in-one phones (though we barely use them to talk) are both a blessing and a curse to marketers; it’s a new venue to reach customers, but in order to reach those customers, you have to do it right.

Email marketing is an essential asset to businesses of a variety of sizes and industries. Though many businesses are utilizing email marketing to promote their products and services, a staggering 89% are not optimizing for mobile. Tweet This

What’s worse? The vast majority of customers are deleting emails that are not optimized for mobile. In order to ensure your valuable message doesn’t end up in the trash, here are our rules for making your email mobile-friendly.

Use a Responsive Template Design

Regardless of the email service provider you use, making sure your template is responsive is a MUST. For an email to be responsive means that it will automatically fit whatever type of screen it’s on.

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If you’re using a ready-made template from your email provider such as MailChimp or Vertical Response, make sure you’ve selected one that is responsive. If you have the resources to design custom email templates, it’s best to make the mobile design not only responsive, but also vertical single-column with a width of 600 pixels or less.

Include Images, But Reduce File Size

It’s well known that we respond better to imagery and beautiful design, but when it comes to email, your pretty picture might be weighing you down. Large graphic files and imagery can cause for slow loading, or worse, a blank space if it won’t load.

Though mobile download rates are getting better as time goes on, customers won’t wait for your pretty graphic to load. Your best bet is to reduce file size, which you can do with services like Image Optimizer and JPEGmini. Additionally, focus on one main image in your email, and make sure to always check the text-only version of your email.

Increase CTA & Link Font Size

When it comes to fonts on mobile, think big(ger)! Your readers are most likely scrolling through pretty quickly and with a finger that’s larger than a cursor. The Content Marketing Institute recommends that email “body copy should be set to at least 14 pts and headlines set to 22 pts.”

Additionally, it’s important to increase the size of your call to action, or CTA, so that the reader not only sees it, but gets the cue that it’s important. Many marketers are also using buttons, which provide a clear visual and an easy link to your site.

Keep Your Subjects Short

Have you ever heard the term “brevity is brilliance”? In the case of email subjects and the use of mobile phones, this statement could not be more true. When writing your email subjects, you have limited space—subjects longer than as few as 27 characters get cut off, taking away from your message.

Instead of writing a heavily worded subject, keep it short and sweet, and make sure to pay close attention to your pre-header text. This is a valuable piece of email real estate that very few marketers are taking advantage of.

Since pre-headers are often built into templates, many marketers do not allow for this text to be edited, but what they don’t realize is that while they may change their subject lines, the reader is seeing the same pre-header every day. Ignoring your pre-header text is a missed opportunity!

The Bottom Line

Optimizing email for mobile is essential to your overall marketing strategy, and the above tips will help ensure greater performance. In addition to employing these tactics, we recommend regular review of your email analytics.

Despite using mobile optimization, 31% of marketers don’t know their open rates, and 33% don’t know their click-through rates. These important stats are revealing as to what your customers respond best to, and will help you tailor your strategy.

Though current technology may move at a rabbit’s pace, keeping mobile top-of-mind will keep you ahead of the pack.

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