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4 Small Steps in Digital Marketing That Will Impact Your Business Growth

By Sheila Eugenio
Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Through digital marketing, you can take some small steps that will have an impact on your business growth.

Digital marketing is now one of the leading customer acquisition methods for businesses. Small and large scale businesses are considering digital marketing as a major part of their marketing and growth strategy. And the trend for digital marketing seems to continue to rise.

The rise in the adoption of digital marketing means you have to come up with methods to sustain the growth of your business as the market gets more competitive. Just to put this in perspective, a 2016 digital marketing trends report shows that 76 percent of digital marketers will produce more content.

With the market increasingly getting tight, and budgets to attract more customers getting bigger, how do you sustain the growth of your business without spending yourself dry?

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1. Start a Blog

A lot of businesses are now leveraging the reach of the Internet for customer acquisition today. But so many are ignoring a powerful tool to make this effective. A blog. From what data says, companies that have an active blog will attract 67 percent more leads.

A blog can make a huge impact on your business growth, without costing you so much to get started. It takes just installing a free WordPress platform on your website and having content published on it regularly to get started.

While so many businesses are still yet to consider blogging as a major marketing strategy, a lot of marketers are already making progress with it. And blogging is so effective to businesses, it's one of the most trusted sources of information for customers. An SEJ report states that it's the 5th most trusted source for accurate information on the internet.

This means your blog will not only help you to attract more leads, it will also help you build trust with your customers.

2. Write for Other Publications

Appearing on other publications is another small step in digital marketing that can make a significant impact on your business. Being a featured contributor on authoritative publications can make you appear as an expert. Being a writer for other publications, or a regular guest blogger, has many benefits that will trickle down to almost every aspect of your digital marketing efforts.

In a 2015 roundup of experts on the importance of guest blogging, a majority of the experts (of 30 leading digital marketing professionals) stated that guest blogging will play more important roles than building backlinks. Some of the experts interviewed included Neil Patel, Brian Dean and Rand Fishkin of Moz.com: and they all agreed that writing for other publications will help boost the credibility of the author.

The impact is a projected positive image for your business.

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3. Hire a Social Media Manager

Social media is an important growth driver for businesses. While business owners are beginning to take steps to ensure that their presence on all major social outlets is secured, the experience needed to achieve effectiveness is still not there.

A great solution to this is to hire a social media manager to help take over the affairs of your business on the top social outlets and help your business attract more leads. Hiring a social media manager should not cost you too much. Most social media marketers are freelancers who work with several businesses, hence they are able to keep costs and charges down.

And if you have the resources, having an in-house expert take over is a much better option as this ensures you still have ample control.

4. Optimize Your Website Design

Your website is often the first contact point between your business and your customers. This means what they see on your website will form their impression of your business. Many businesses are losing more customers than they are converting thanks to a bad website design. How your website design looks and feels can make a huge impact on how your business performs. Take your business growth a step further by optimizing your website design.

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Digital marketing is a very effective tool in growing a business. You do not need to break the bank or have a huge marketing budget before you're able to impact the growth of your business through digital marketing. By trying some of the tips I just shared above, you should begin to see more growth for your business.

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