4 Tips for Improving Customer Engagement For Your SaaS Product

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

SaaS marketers, increase product and customer engagement with your software with these 4 tips.

Product engagement is crucial for SaaS companies when it comes to turning prospects into customers.

For SaaS companies, this story is a familiar one: A potential customer signs up for a free trial of your software only to end up barely engaging with it, and then chooses not to subscribe at the end of the trial. They haven’t understood the value of your product and thus never really take the time to test it out.

Customers that engage with your product during their free trial are more likely to subscribe to your services, and they are exactly the kind of people you want to focus your marketing efforts towards.  These customers are the people experiencing the pain points that your software solves and are the ones who are going to see the value in using your solution.

Reaching these potential customers is simply a matter of understanding who you’re targeting and creating the content and customer experience that’s going to attract them and keep them happy enough to stay. Below, we list four tips for optimizing your SaaS marketing strategy for increased customer engagement with your software.

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Understand Who You’re Targeting

The best way to increase customer engagement during your free trial is to take a step back and consider whether your marketing efforts are attracting the potential customers most likely to see the value in your product. Your marketing should attract your ideal customers, but to better attract them, first you have to understand their motivations, behaviors, and purchasing patterns so you can adjust your strategies accordingly.

A great way to provide you and your team with a better understanding of the type of customer that you are trying to reach is by creating buyer personas. Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers created from insights pulled from current, former, and potential customer data.

Through interviewing your customers, you’ll discover trends and similarities in thought process that will help you create a comprehensive image of your ideal customer that you and your team can use to better create the content and messaging that will attract them.

Create Engaging Content

Once you understand the kind of customer your marketing efforts are targeting, you can create and distribute the content that will help them find you. If your business has a blog, create posts that educate readers about your product and highlight the features that make it interesting and unique.

Providing content that answers frequently asked questions about your product or services will further solidify your brand’s authority in your industry.

You can also use the keywords your prospects and customers are searching for to help identify topics to create content around. For example, if your customers are searching for “SaaS analytics solutions,” write and distribute an eBook on that topic to get your business on their radar.

Use your content to educate prospects into becoming informed buyers, and they will reward you with loyalty and engagement with your products.

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Improve Your Customers’ Product Experience

Your customers’ success is your success, and if your customers aren’t having a good experience while using your product, they’re unlikely to subscribe to your service at the end of their free trial.

You should constantly be assessing your customer experience strategies—from the first point of contact to customer follow up after purchase—to see where you can make improvements.

Do you have a thorough yet welcoming onboarding experience for new customers? Do you use social media to connect with customers and prospects and respond to their questions?

These are the little things that can drive product engagement rates and customer loyalty. Just remember: a customer who has a positive product experience is more likely to promote on your behalf, so keep them delighted.

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Reinvigorate Customers with Behavior-Triggered Email Campaigns

Could the reason for your customers’ lack of product engagement during their free trial be that they simply don’t understand how to use your platform?  Customers who don’t know how to use your software will likely stop using your service altogether and certainly won’t become subscribers.

You can keep these customers from disengaging entirely by implementing behavior-triggered email campaigns that will send them useful content, with the goal of reinvigorating their desire to test your product. Behaviors that could indicate a lack of engagement include:

  • Long periods without logging in
  • Short session lengths
  • Spending too much time on a single task, indicating the customer may not understand how to proceed

Send these customers content that will help guide them back to using your product, such as user guides, walkthroughs, and offers for live demos or conversations with your team members. 

Improving customer engagement for your SaaS product starts with knowing your customer. Once you understand their motivations and behaviors enough to be able to create useful content and a great

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