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It’s time to take action and become your own boss. Here are four profitable online business niches that you might not have thought of.

It’s 2016, this is your year.

Trust me, your friends are tired of hearing you talk about how great it will be when you finally start your own business.

It’s time to take action and become your own boss. Even if you start your new business on the side, while keeping the security of your nine-to-five, you need to take action.

So where can you really make a killing in 2016? Take a look at these four niche business ideas that aren’t overcrowded, and offer some serious dough if you’re willing to commit.

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1. IT Security Consultant

Remember how your family always turned to you as a teenager whenever they needed help with unruly technology?

Today you can put that skillset to use in a corporate setting. Companies are being hacked like crazy right now.

Money Magazinereports that a new major hack has almost become a weekly occurrence.

Thankfully there are new technologies coming online to help companies better shore up their defenses.

Even basic corporate monitoring software that helps companies monitor corporate issued iPhones without jailbreaking them is now an easily attainable security platform.

To launch all of these new defenses against both corporate and national security espionage, companies rely on IT security consultants.

By 2022, according to a report from CNN, the number of jobs available for IT security consultants is projected to grow 37 percent.

That’s some serious growth, and as more jobs become available those salaries often begin to climb; companies are willing to fight with their dollars for the best talent.

2. Online Gaming Development

The explosion of cloud technology has allowed for even the most basic of computing devices to handle some intense graphical workloads.

As a result, online gaming has dramatically expanded in almost every market. Many reports indicate that mobile gaming revenues will double by 2017.

This represents an incredibly hot investment that many brands are making to try and capture some of the micro-transaction activity.

According to one of the most popular online gambling sites in Canada, HTML5 is quickly becoming a standard for gaming sites that want to be accessible on mobile platforms.

Developers of all backgrounds have been quickly retooling to develop sites in HTML5, as well as other popular web design coding languages.

For developers, understanding how the market is impacting their career prospects is integral to long-term success in the market; in other words, never stop learning.

3. Online Learning and Tutoring

There are two major categories of online learning: live instruction and time-delayed instruction.

A live lesson will include a video conference with a teacher, discussing the various aspects of their discipline and offering real-time engagement with their online student.

Time-delayed instruction involves the creation of a video, online tutorial or written content that instructs a student on how to use a program or learn a valuable skill.

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According to a well-respected mathematical tutoring firm, new studies have emerged showing gesture-based mathematics are much more easily taught and retained by students.

Gesture-learning doesn’t require a physical connection to the student, but instead focuses on what they can learn by mimicking the physical actions of a teacher and interacting with the numbers placed in front of them on a new dimension.

Thousands of teachers moonlight as online tutors, so the key to making money in the online tutoring/educational space is finding a niche subject that’s in demand.

Technology is a great example, as baby-boomers age they want to keep up with their family’s addiction to technology.

Likewise, freelancers are actively looking for ways to learn new skills to offer their clients and expand their business.

Find a small, focused area and learn everything you can. Then, market yourself as a total expert on the subject matter and you’ll find motivated clients heading your way to take advantage of your educational resources.

4. Narration Services (Audiobooks, Online Videos, etc.)

Neil Patel pointed out that one of the hottest markets in 2016 is the audiobook space.

While some authors choose to self-publish their ebook, Patel points out that Audible has blazed a path into a new market for the go-getters out there willing to lend their voice to some exciting projects.

Whether you want to create a new audiobook publishing platform, offer your voice to narrate a book, or you see an opportunity to help develop scripts for company advertisements, the opportunities are endless.

As the popularity of spoken word continues to grow, freelancers can really make a killing if they establish themselves as a subject expert.

A company looking to create a new YouTube ad would love it if you could both animate the ad and do the voice-over.

Complimentary skills are a big deal, and leveraging a total package solution to companies online is a great way to both be heard, and score some green.

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