5 Content Marketing Projects That Will Grow Your Business

By Diana Wertz,
business.com writer
Oct 03, 2017
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Freelancers can take on these tasks for you to boost your brand.

While studies have shown that content marketing can drive three times as many leads as traditional marketing and branding efforts, all content – and marketing – is not equal. Small businesses should prioritize resources for the content that drives the greatest impact and conversion for their business.

To really maximize your business's return on content marketing investment, consider outsourcing some types of content to a freelancer. Leveraging freelance talent with strong writing and research skills can boost the ROI of certain types of content marketing, because the freelancers can save you time and produce high-quality content, especially if they have expertise in your industry.

Here are five types of content projects to leave to a professional for maximum impact and return on investment for your small business:

1. Downloadable guides

The most impactful types of content generate leads for your business. While your blog is great for sharing short updates and generalized info, downloadable guides can contain more information, specific details, and actionable resources such as checklists or step-by-step processes. Guides will be of interest to your most qualified customers who are considering your business or services. Check out this Upwork post on how its downloadable guides drove massive subscriber growth for its blog and converted users.

B2B customers have reported that they believe vendors that provide detailed information and resources on their websites to be more qualified than vendors who do not. According to recent studies, 60 percent of customers research online to make a buying decision before they make contact, and want to understand the product or company before they reach out. Your business can provide the desired information with white papers, ebooks, buying guides and long-form content.

Small business owners can hire freelancers with relevant industry and marketing strategy experience to determine the right kind of downloadable guide or resource for their target customers – and then write it.

2. Industry news or updates

It can be hard to keep up with the latest updates or news for your industry while also running your day-to-day business, but it's well worth it. Customers report that they find vendors or businesses that comment or share news from their industry to have more expertise in that field than businesses that do not. Whether you share industry updates to your blog or your business's social media pages, commenting on industry news is a valuable way to impress potential customers. Every industry news update should include a link to your website. Adding news articles about your industry to your website is a great idea; consider adding a section just for this content on your website.

A freelancer within your industry will not only be able to suggest timely or relevant industry updates to share, but they will also be able to compose a blog or post about it for you. 

3. External thought leadership

An impactful way to impress potential customers and drive traffic to your business's website is external thought leadership. External thought leadership involves contributing content to another brand's site, ideally a news or media website. Your brand's presence on a trusted and respected website is a subtle endorsement for your business by that media entity and will inspire confidence in your expertise amongst readers. A professional writer would ghostwrite a post for you once you successfully pitch a publication on the idea. For your submitted work to be accepted, you'll need top-notch writing.

First you'll need to pitch your article idea to your local newspaper, a popular site focused on your town or region, or even a local organization with a popular website. Make sure to focus on content its readers will find useful: tips, buying advice or an insider's perspective.

Demonstrating your ability to promote your own posts to drive traffic to the publication's site will help you close the deal and capture additional opportunities. Develop a post-boosting strategy before you submit, and make sure to note how large your network is, alongside any impressive engagement numbers (25 shares!) in your future pitches. 

4. Lead-nurture emails (newsletters)

Lead-nurture emails can help you close potential customers, convert free trials to paid subscriptions, upsell current customers on new or additional products, and more. It's important to reach your target audience with the right message at the right time. Newsletters fall into this category as well, especially if your business wants to promote sales or new inventory to bring customers back to your store.

Lead-nurture emails need to be engaging and informative to drive the strongest conversion from your customers or potential customers. Once you develop the right message, you can use the email again and again to convert leads or upsell new customers. You can work with a freelancer who has email marketing expertise to develop the right kind of content, the most strategic timing and, of course, the content itself.

5. Case studies

If your work helps other businesses grow and thrive, showcasing that in a case study will impress potential customers. A freelancer can interview you and your happy customer to put together a great campaign summary that shares the impact your services or products had on the customer. Showing percent growth or increases in revenue will do more to convince and convert leads than other types of content marketing. A freelancer with experience writing case studies can produce highly polished and engaging content and handle all the interviewing for you.

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