5 Content Marketing Strategies Businesses Should Adopt in 2016

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Content marketing is fantastic for business brand building, lead generation and more. Here's how to build your strategy.

Content marketing is not only fantastic in terms of business brand building and overall success, but has also become mandatory in today’s digital arena.

Some fun facts for you:

How can you make your U.S.-based business profit from awesome content marketing strategies in 2016? Here are some tips:

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1. Understand Your Niche

A lot of talking behind businesses is, in effect, good content marketing, which got AudienceBloom in a very good position. Founder Jason Demers just happens to be a marketing guru, though what he does especially well is putting together highly memorable words. He focuses primarily on educating people about his niche rather than promoting the brand.

The Seattle-based social media marketing business sports a small yet agile team which is known to pull some amazing tricks. Thanks to their efforts, they get frequent mentions in the Huffington post, Mashable, Inc., and Entrepreneur, just to name a few. Many of the world’s leading brands are powered by AudienceBloom’s marketing strategies. Now you know why.

Try the following to better understand your niche:

  • Focus on a single audience: A list of demographics lets you focus on developing content on one unique audience. If your other audience segments, put them aside. Focus on one audience group at a time is a surefire way to better understanding your niche.
  • Target a single buying-cycle phase: If your average user is put through three states in the buying cycle, identifying pain points, researching on the business, and finally contact, focus on one of these phases for the time being, before you qualify that user as a lead. This is only a basic model to give you a gist of things. You can also break down one phase into more categories on the basis of, let’s say, how much research your user has done. So focus the bulk of your content on that single phase.
  • Keep demographic ranges limited: Since we’re going with one audience for now, we need to limit certain key demographics. I.e. rather than targeting 20 to 35 year olds, you can target 20 to 30 year olds. If you’re targeting a Southern U.S. audience, why not put the focus on New Yorkers? Narrow down ranges that define certain demographics and you’ll have an easier time understanding your niche.

2. Create Really Well-Written Content

You will really be turning heads and getting everyone talking if you make this a key priority: post articles on your website that are not only readable, but highly shareable and even funny. In addition, you can do the following to make your articles instant hits:

Compare this checklist to a number of corporate clogs today and you might be amazed at how many simply don’t pay heed. Content that doesn’t take at least a few of the above into account just doesn't gain traction. The Massachusetts-based Hubspot does an amazing job in their blog section, by the way.   

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3. Be Radically Visual

Your website should be visually appealing. All content must have some kind of visuals to go along. Have a look at service pages on Fox Dentist all pages include a video showing the procedure making it more attractive.

Another brand doing it well is GoPro. It is a brand that’s solely powered by visual content, much like YouTube. And this goes well beyond just posting videos or photos on Twitter. GoPro totally understands that man is a visual creature who loves visual content. You can serve up yours in a really cool, radical way too. And you don’t have to be a ‘radical camera maker’ to do this. Infographics can accomplish much the same.

GoPro’s content is downright viral, there’s no denying it, and practically all of it is user-generated. Viewers get to see places they only dream of going, catching exciting and adrenaline-pumping glimpses of things they would think twice before doing themselves. Their “This is your life. Be a hero.” motto gets heads turning and their viewers keep coming back for more.

Maybe you could hook up a camera to one of your team leaders or sales managers and show people what it’s like to be in their shoes. People trust companies better when they can relate to them one way or another. Or perhaps make an arrangement with a customer so the world can see their reaction once your product gets delivered to their doorstep.

GoPro’s clever use of visuals saw $1.6 billion in sales last year. Later that year their global net income amounted to $36.13 million.

4. Anticipation Sells

Anticipation is one of the best ways to great storytelling. Episodic content is a hot new 2016 trend in the world of content marketing. Our brains love suspense and there’s a fair amount of psychology behind why episodic content publishing can outperform non-episodic content.

Good storytelling is essential to seal your success as a brand. Position your audience to anticipate follow-up content along with a style and cadence that best suits the story as well as the audience. It doesn’t matter whether it’s episodic video content or an editorial series, for as long as you’re creating suspense and anticipation which continues to satisfy your audience’s curiosity.  

5. Tailor Ideas to the Most Suitable Channels

What’s the use of creating killer content if you’re marketing it in the wrong social channel? Jot down your ideas and fine-tune them so that only the most relevant ones sync with your brand’s vision. Then kick it off with sharing your videos, articles or infographics. But where’s the best place to share all this?

If you have a blog that caters to the B2B community on the latest mobile technology innovations, LinkedIn works better than any other platform. And, if you want to cross-promote that same content on Twitter, get the best quotes and stats and tweet away. Don’t be discouraged to know that finding the right channel to nourish your content can be a bit of a trial-and-error proposition. Start by observing what’s trending on the most popular social channels. Pay attention to what headlines are clicked on the most, what buzzwords are hot.

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What kind of content is currently leading to the highest engagement is it infographics or videos, or both? Build on those successes by integrating similar content and find high-flying influencers on the respective channels so they can share it.  

Good to know:

These simple yet effective content marketing strategies will help your business be a success not just in the U.S. but all over the world. 

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