5 Dangerous Ways You Could Be Neglecting Your Marketing Campaign

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Is your marketing campaign driving the kinds of sales that you want? Let's see if you are neglecting your marketing campaign.

You’ve launched your product, started a website, created social media accounts, and done your research.

You’re getting the word out.

But your marketing campaign, while well intentioned, doesn’t seem to be driving sales.

Let’s talk about the ways you may be neglecting your marketing campaign.

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1. Not Creating Content on Schedule

Your users will reward you for predictable content scheduling. They want to log in to see what reaction you had to the big news yesterday, what video you created to highlight your company’s weekend, or your regular Finally Friday post to kick off the weekend. Whenever you can build repetition into your content in a positive way, you encourage your users to look forward to it and anticipate it, which helps them to build excitement.

At the bare minimum, you should create an editorial calendar and plan your content ahead of time, making sure to vary the keywords and approaches that you’re taking.

2. Not Generating the Right Content for the Right Platforms

Instagram isn’t the place for multi-paragraph informed discussion from users, Twitter doesn’t handle multi-tweet messages well, and don’t even think about creating a business post on Facebook without an image. If you’re delivering a physical product, you know that custom branding on your packaging can be key.

To make sure that your content gets as many likes, votes, shares, or favorites as it deserves, make sure it’s targeted towards the relevant platform. When you’re writing on a blog, you can still auto-share your content, but consider which social media platforms are best for that kind of content. You might do better to publicize your blog post on Facebook, for example, instead of Instagram, where a behind-the-scenes photo shoot may drive in views.

3. Not Soliciting Outside Content

When you have one person working on creating content for any social media outlet, it has the potential to become stale. You might only begin to see one side of the business, one perspective on a problem. To combat this tendency, invite outside perspectives into your social media. Ask another employee to write a post for the company blog about their industry, about a new product or project, or about their recent experience on a company retreat.

Ask a fan of your service to write about their experience, and how it changed their business or their life for the better. Ask an industry professional to manage your Twitter feed for a week, or run an "Ask Me Anything" event on either Twitter or Reddit. Potential bonus: getting quotes from famous people to add to your testimonials and web page referrals.

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Social media has the potential to level the playing field, and can give the public unprecedented access to companies and industry executives. The possibilities for idea sharing and collaboration are unbelievable, but too many industries are still looking at social media as a fad, for kids, and something they don’t actually have to embrace.

They couldn’t be farther from the truth. Like it or not, social media is part of our lives, and embracing the change and making it work to your advantage will be key if you want your business to succeed over the long term.

4. Not Responding to Feedback from Your Users

It’s important to control your time on social media, which can lead to using auto-posters and scheduling many posts ahead of time. This is a great strategy, but if you’re not careful, it can stop you from noticing when your users are offering feedback.

Handling feedback is a time consuming, sometimes frustrating and sometimes illuminating necessity of interacting with the public. You need to make sure that you don’t spend all of your time on social media, but you also need to make sure that you see and respond to messages sent by your users in a timely fashion. Remember to always react professionally, even when they’re upset or expressing displeasure.

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5. Sticking Too Close to the Plan

When you’re scheduling your posts a few weeks in advance, as you should be, it can be difficult to be spontaneous. One thing to remember is the difference between “evergreen” posts (content that will be perennially useful to customers and clients) and “news” posts, which are generally more reactive to recent events.

Scheduling your evergreen content ahead of time is a good idea; it makes sure that you always have something to say. But social media is also about being authentic, about interacting in real time. Don’t be afraid to comment on something big happening, either in the world, or in your industry. Those are the efforts that show your clients and customer that there are real people behind the brand image.

What are the biggest and most dangerous mistakes you see companies making in their marketing plans?

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