Network & Learn: 5 Essential Marketing Conferences for Tech Companies / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Marketing and technology go hand in hand nowadays. These 5 conferences are the perfect place to learn and network around the topics.

Tech events are often characterized as those events that involve releases of new gadgets.

For the majority of businesses, this is no more than a curiosity. You need real, practical information you can use to make sure that you are turning your business around

Marketing goes hand in hand with tech. Businesses with a documented content strategy reported 100 percent ROI.

If you can’t market in the technology sector, you are never going to get the results you want.

This guide is going to reveal to you the main marketing conferences you should attend if you are looking to make your tech company a success.

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The CMO Club Spring Innovation and Inspiration Summit

In New York City, the CMO Club gathers for their annual innovation and inspiration summit. Beware that this is an event you have to be invited to, or you have to become a member of the CMO club.

But it’s worth the hassle to get in because you’ll only find senior marketers here, many of which are specializing in the tech sector.

If you are selling a merchant credit card processing product, for example, you can learn from one of 200 senior marketing experts.

They will teach you all there is to know about hitting your target audience as part of a high-energy series of lectures and workshops.

Ad Age Digital Conference

This is another conference based in New York. This is an extremely special age for this digital marketing conference because it’s the tenth one.

Crucially, tech companies should attend because not only does it bring together tech experts with entrepreneurs it brings big brand and media professionals.

Timely issues are at the heart of this conference, such as ad blocking, fraud, and a study of what advertising really means to businesses and customers.

This is the tech and marketing conference for the company that needs some specific advice on the here and now.

The Ad Age Digital Conference will tackle the tough issues that other conferences may not have the confidence to broach.

Marketing United

In Nashville, Tennessee, Marketing United is readying itself for another year. It takes place in the auspicious surroundings of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Keynote speakers set to return for this year include ay Baer and Scott Stratten.

The focus here may be on content marketing, but this form of marketing has become an essential part of making your tech company work.

What this conference does well is delivering an authentic experience with marketing stories you can relate to.

Last year it sold out and it’s set to do the same this year.

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Content Marketing Conference

The Content Marketing Conference, again, is directed at tech companies that want to actually promote their products and services.

If you are too intimidated by huge conferences like Content Marketing World, this is the perfect alternative. Companies selling products involved in merchant credit card processing, wearable tech, and app development will find a home here.

This conference is about using tactics to apply content. Be prepared to take real actionable steps back to your company, where you will be able to better reach your target audience.

ITSMA Marketing Leadership Forum

The Napa Valley is the home of this conference. The ITSMA Marketing Leadership Forum is going to help you better integrate the various teams within your company.

This will have the positive effect of being able to link your product development, lead generation, and marketing teams. It will ultimately lead to more refined strategies and superior results.

The CEO of ITSMA, Dave Munn, has a natural passion for getting right to the heart of the topics he talks about and crafting content that’s ideal for the audience that attends this forum every year.

It’s a conference designed for tech directors and marketing experts at the higher levels, so everything is geared towards sending everything from the top down.

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Last Word: Which Conference to Attend

As you can see, there are multiple conferences you can attend. It’s easy to forget about the marketing side of things while you are so focused on tech.

Instead of prioritizing tech events this year, try diversifying into marketing. You may well learn something that can take your company to the next level.

Which of these five conferences will you attend this year?


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