5 Great Ways to Boost Online Sales and Increase Your ROI

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Use these great techniques to boost sales online and increase your return on Investment from marketing efforts.

The importance of online sales for the stability of any company is almost self-evident. It may be less obvious how to ensure a high level of traffic and rake in a healthy amount of revenues.

Depending on the details of your business plan, Internet sales could be the primary pillar of company growth or at least an important supporting factor.

This purchasing method is quick and secure, while it easily overcomes geographic limitations and helps customers save money.

It has staying power, too it is very difficult to imagine a future in which E-commerce declines below its current level, and in fact, it would be logical to expect this medium to continue with swift expansion.

Companies in various lines of business need to adapt to the new reality and embrace the digitalization of the international marketplace. This is especially true for young companies looking to accelerate the return on investment (ROI) and build sustainable sources of long-term revenues.

The following techniques can be applied to boost the traffic level on your online store and put your business on the path to profitability:

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Advertise Proactively

You can’t just assume that people will find your website of their initiative. The amount of traffic your online store will receive directly depends on the scope and strength of your promotional strategy, especially during the early stages of brand building. With an abundance of free promotion tools and effective advertising platforms at your disposal, you have no excuse for remaining passive.

Smart use of SEO and social media marketing could allow you to reach huge audiences, even without a huge budget, so you should start treating online advertising as a priority. If you don’t have an in-house marketing department, consider hiring a digital agency to help you build a strong online presence.

Localize Your Offering

Global demand doesn’t materialize by accident, it is usually a result of a conscious effort to reach out to customers in foreign markets. The first step in this direction is to make your platform available in local languages, at least for the most important target markets. While this level of customization demands some software upgrades and constant attention, the benefits are just too great to ignore.

Customers are much more comfortable spending money when they can interact with your store in their native language and that will open up new revenue streams that land-based stores could not possibly touch. The initial investment will certainly pay off, helping to stabilize your finances and achieve success.

Use Discounts to Drive Interest

Another way to show respect for your customers is to provide them with a chance to save on each purchase. The online environment is notoriously competitive and you need to deliver additional value if you want to keep an edge in the market. According to Crowd Savers, discount coupons and more effective than outright price reductions, since they also act as promotional flyers and could create many new leads.

In addition to affecting the price calculus, campaigns of this kind can animate the consumers and direct their attention to a particular product, class of products, or manufacturer. Organizing a coupon drive is very simple since you can partner with one of the existing organizations that specialize in this marketing format and advertise your discounted products on their websites.

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Support Multiple Payment Methods

The most irresponsible way to lose a willing customer is to lack a viable financial channel to make the sale. PayPal may be the golden standard when it comes to online payments, but it doesn’t cover the entire world and some alternative e-wallet options might be necessary. Then again, a lot of people prefer to use their credit cards to make quick payments, so traditional bank transfers must be included as well.

Finally, an increasing number of people are turning to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, and this trend could possibly intensify in the future. Any website with serious E-commerce capacities should support several of the aforementioned payment methods and accept multiple currencies in order to maximize the volume of Internet-based sales.

Optimize for Mobile

Mobile devices account for a considerable portion of online traffic, with more and more users switching to mobile access every year. That means companies need to rethink their websites and adjust them to smaller, touch-powered mobile screens. It isn’t uncommon to release a separate app for this purpose, containing all functionalities of the main sites but with a mobile-ready interface.

Alternatively, the site can be designed to look good on both types of screens, even if this is not the easiest thing to achieve. Minimal layouts with clearly marked key functionalities work best in this medium since too complex schemes could be unwieldy on a smartphone. User-testing could point out important shortcomings before the launch, allowing your website or app to be user-friendly from day one.

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