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If drones, tech blogging, mobile apps, and online services excite you then check out this list of great startups ideas for 2016.

The world of business is changing. No longer do enterprise entrepreneurs have to be onsite to oversee the construction of their latest venture.

Instead, they can monitor the progress of their startups on a smartphone, from home.

That’s not to imply that starting a new business is much easier nowadays. On the contrary, the fantastic opportunities that technology provides also give rise to a commensurate rise in competition, as the barriers to entry get lower and lower.

So technology allows us to work more effectively from wherever we are provided there’s a fast, reliable Internet connection.

But having the ability to work from a home office doesn’t automatically mean you’re in a position to take advantage of that opportunity unless you have the perfect business idea in hand.

Here’s a list of small business ideas that are perfect for home-based entrepreneurs seeking low capital investment, but great growth and profit potential. Perfect for aspirational stay-at-home moms, or people looking to start an online business.

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1. Online Drone Repair and Maintenance Service

Something like 45,000 drones were registered within two days of the Federal Drone Registration site going live with 300,000 registered in only 30 days. Potentially, millions more drones will have been sold over the course of 2016. That is a lot of drones that are going to be flown into trees, buildings, power lines, people, and even other drones.

Set up a professional online repair service for drones. Customers can mail their drones to you, have them repaired, and sent back in the post (or potentially delivered back to them via drone; Amazon style).

2. Loading Icons Ad Agency

Advertisers are hungry for decent exposure and there is something we look at every single day that is just begging for a paid ad makeover; the loading bar. Regardless of whether you are waiting for a game to load or a piece of software to install, it is possible to animate that loading bar, to show something more interesting. Imagine a frosty cold glass of your favorite beverage filling up, instead of a blue line.

Make deals with brands to "sponsor" games/software developers in return for loading bar animation ads that show each time it loads. Take a percentage commission for putting deals together.

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3. Life Skills App for Kids

Kids are super comfortable with mobile devices, which makes tablets and smartphones a great medium to impart valuable skills. Since most apps focus on education related topics like learning to read and write, why not make an app that offers fun eLearning content to teach kids valuable life skills?

It could be anything, from learning to tie their shoelaces, to understanding weather, looking both ways before crossing a street, or knowing about dangerous or poisonous wildlife.

Teaching kids important life lessons might help them avoid potentially serious situations.

4. Online Wedding Services

The wedding industry is huge, and many younger couples use the Internet to locate and choose wedding related products and services. There are in excess of 1.5 million monthly searches for wedding dresses, with 860,000 coming from the United States alone.

If you're not into fashion, what about web development? You could offer quick and easy websites for engaged couples to manage their wedding, post photos, and share their special day with the world.

Maybe Web design is not your thing. How about designing wedding invites instead? There are more than 246,000 monthly searches for wedding invitations in the U.S alone.

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5. Drone Tech Blogger

OK, so I know I have already mentioned drones. But trust me, this industry is taking off, quite literally. More and more high-tech drones and drone accessories, including software, cloud-based Saas for drones, and all sorts of other amazing things are right around the corner.

There is going to be space for a tech blog type site devoted to everything new and exciting in the world of drones. Not to mention how much fun and excitement you’ll have recording and sharing the evolution of this nascent industry. Build relationships with industry players now, while they are still on their way up and you’ll have access to them when their leading multi-billion dollar companies in five years’ time.

So that’s my list of ideas that can be done predominantly online and from home. But don’t feel limited by this short list. There are myriads of new and exciting technologies coming online all the time, and the pace at which new technologies open up new entrepreneurial opportunities.

2016 is a great time to start exploring the web in search of just the right idea for you, and browsing a long list of different, unusual and sometimes downright weird ideas is a great way to spark your own imagination.

So, if you like being exposed to new and creative stuff, or even sharing your own sparks of genius with the world, there are plenty more small business ideas similar to these ones to be found online.

What exciting opportunities do you think are worth looking at in 2016? Share your ideas in the comments.

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