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5 Healthcare Tech Conferences You Have To Attend

AJ Agrawal
AJ Agrawal

Healthcare tech is one area of the tech industry that has expanded in recent years. It’s led to the rise of a number of exciting conferences that are designed to engage and inspire.

If you work in the healthcare tech sector, or you just happen to have an interest in it through an invoice factoring business, these are the healthcare tech conferences you have to attend.

They represent the most eagerly anticipated ones of 2016. In this guide, you are going to learn all about them.

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Forbes Healthcare Summit

The Forbes Healthcare Summit is an event that’s held in December of every year. The 2015 version was held in New York City and it discussed the value of technology and healthcare in the current U.S. market, in accordance with its specialist financial knowledge.

Topics ranged from drug prices to affordable healthcare. There was even help for entrepreneurs, as they discussed healthcare and worldwide healthcare. A number of exciting speakers attended, such as Leonard Schleifer of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

Medical Informatics World Conference 2016

The Medical Informatics World Conference 2016 is designed for those who already have a foot in the IT tech industry. Anyone already in this business will know that informatics is an integral part of this industry right now. Health IT is the focus of the business as electronic medical records and statistics become standard practice across the world.

This conference is helpful for anyone who needs to understand the role of informatics and how to best take advantage of them. At this conference, you will learn from experts in the field, including both executives and academics. It all happens at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.

Beware that the registration rate goes up as the event looms, so it’s best to take action early to ensure you get the best deal.

mHealth Summit

The name mHealth may not be a name you’ve heard of before. It’s actually a name for mobile health. It encompasses all form of healthcare that’s delivered via mobile devices. mHealth revealed that 33 percent of people own an iPhone now. With the mobile revolution in full swing, you can take full advantage of this within the healthcare industry. As the number of mobile devices grows, this will become more and more common, and it’s now time to learn about it.

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Healthcare apps and gadgets will become the norm. All companies working in mobile healthcare need to be updated on the latest trends and new regulation. The landscape is changing at a faster and faster pace and this conference will teach you how to take advantage of it all.

If you work in the industry, you may be entitled to discounted fees.

HiMSS 16

The HiMSS 16 conference is an annual conference that takes place in Las Vegas. It shows off the latest products in healthcare IT. It’s your chance to network with IT health professionals. Through informative talks and workshops delivered by experts in the field, you will have the chance to advance your knowledge on a number of issues.

All workshops are peer reviewed, so you only benefit from the sessions reviewed and recommended by your peers. This will ensure you get maximum value for money when you attend.

The main focus here is on education. The goal of this conference is to give you something to take back to your company that you can actually use.

Health 2.0

The Health 2.0 conference is more than just a single conference. They run multiple conferences all over the world, so if you can’t attend one you can always attend another instead. If you desire to take advantage of a conference in another country, this may be the conference you need. There are lots of conferences, so be sure to double check with them to see if any of them are right for you.

Each conference has a strong focus on health technology and the competitions between developers. This will give you an overview of the industry and will offer a few ideas for how you can react to the various trends.

A guest of honor appears at each conference. For example, Chelsea Clinton is scheduled to speak at one conference.

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These conferences all demonstrate that health technology is on the rise. You should be attending one of these conferences this year if you have anything to do with the industry. They will guide you in your understanding and application of healthcare technology.

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