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5 Leadership Secrets You Should Know

Business.com / Leadership / Last Modified: August 28, 2017
Photo credit: llyafs/Shutterstock

What separates the true leaders from your run-of-the-mill business owners? When you boil it down, successful leaders tend to have these five traits.

While most business owners are good managers, there are only a few who are ideal leaders. Entrepreneurs should possess powerful leadership skills, an ability to come up with table-turning ideas and an eye for talent. At the same time, they should be clever, calculated, confident, creative and composed. These traits lend a character to leaders and enable them to catalyze business growth and overcome business challenges.

Following are some of the secrets of people who went on to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs, for your consideration and inspiration.

Communicate influentially 

A great leader will always ask why. Why is the business existing? Why should consumers care? If a leader is able to answer these statements, the entire organization gets a direction. You should learn to communicate in an effective manner and maintain transparency between all stakeholders. All leaders exude a strong mission statement to their customers. The art of communication is the first thing you should nurture as a leader.

Monitor the grumblers

As a leader, you may sometimes have to make tough decisions. Even if an employee has been serving you for years, if they don't show much satisfaction while working, you may have to release them. Grumblers often interfere with the internal environment of the workplace and bring down the motivation of other employees. Your focus should be on retaining the best staff and maintaining high company morale.

Encourage creativity 

Instead of becoming the one person running the show, encourage your employees to think out of the box and bring better ideas to the table. Creative thinking provides for transformation into better solutions. You should think of original ideas to remain relevant in an ever-changing society. Your employees will be able to work freely and productively if you provide them enough flexibility and autonomy to function.

Forget 'no' 

Great leaders never say no. They take up challenges irrespective of uncertainties. The ability to think positive and keep calm in the face of a challenge distinguishes lay business owners from great leaders. As a leader, you should learn to be enterprising enough to do new tasks, make new investments, innovate units and systematize processes. Never say to no to an opportunity that would bring about a positive and transformative change in the organization.

Walk your ideas out 

Studies have shown that exercise and walking enhance your ability to make decisions, solve problems, organize thoughts and think creatively. For a leader, there's nothing wrong with coming out of the conference room for a while. Take your employees out on a walk or encourage walking meetings within the workplace. You should encourage your employees to exercise or hit the gym so that their physical fitness is not compromised. As a leader, you should take care of your employees' health as much as you do yours. 

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