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The reward will be a break from work, with the opportunity to learn a great deal about your industry.

There are virtually endless benefits to attending a conference.

Whether it’s the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in your industry, the ability to network with the professionals in your industry, or the access you gain to some of the brightest minds impacting your field, a conference can be a transformative experience.

Don’t want to miss out on the best conferences of the year?

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve jotted down just a few of our favorites to add to your calendar.

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SpiceWorld in Austin, TX (Nov. 1-3, 2016)

Cost: $299 until July 8

SpiceWorks, the company behind SpiceWorld, provides IT professionals with a core set of free apps. These apps, which handle things like network monitoring, network inventory, mobile device management and more, are fully customizable. The robust API access allows programmers to utilize these building blocks and create solutions to solve virtually any corporate IT challenge.

ZDNet hailed SpiceWorld 2015 as “The most happenin’ IT conference around.” A big part of its charm is the amount of valuable information that’s packed into 72 hours, while still finding time for some killer rooftop parties to keep things interesting.

DreamForce in San Francisco, CA (Oct. 4-7, 2016)

Cost: $1,499 until June 30

There are very few people in the world who have yet to hear about Salesforce, one of the largest tech firms in the sales and marketing space. Their ability to create a platform that is expandable to meet the needs of any-sized company, while plugging into a variety of third-party platforms, is revolutionizing sales.

To celebrate Salesforce’s success, DreamForce is held annually in Calfornia. The company’s emphasis on providing an atmosphere where learning and networking is a given is no small feat. The convention regularly sells out, and it’s no wonder considering the quality of the speakers and thought-leaders that attend. Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce always gives a keynote address, and other major players in the tech space usually join him.

The training opportunities for IT, sales and marketing professionals are phenomenal. Seriously, this one can’t be missed. 

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OSCON in London, England (Oct. 17-20, 2016)

Cost: $1,395 until July 2

OSCON (Open Source Convention) is part of the O’Reilly technology conferences that aim to help attendees improve their business by bringing them face to face with many of the world’s most innovative people in the tech industry. They host a variety of conferences through the course of the year, including Strata+ Hadoop World, Velocity Conference and of course, OSCON.

OSCON focuses on all things open-source. They bring together a diverse group of some of the most talented people that are innovating in the open-source world. This is the place to be for developers and IT professionals alike.

In this conference, you will receive training on the latest technologies and techniques available to you.

You will be able to meet the people behind many of the most successful open source projects. You will be exposed to a variety of different models which you can then take back and apply to your own business.

OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, Spain (Oct. 25-28, 2016)

Cost: $600 until August 29

The OpenStack Summit is a gathering of the world’s information technology leaders. It includes quality administrators, developers, Telco operators and other prominent open stack contributors that are all working toward the new world of cloud-based computing.

In this summit, you will have a chance to listen to real-world cases that cloud computing have played an integral role in. This summit will be introducing new products to their audience. There will be plenty of opportunities to get your hands on these products through the various workshops that they offer.

The OpenStack Summit has been able to attract thousands of people from around the world. It provides a great opportunity for attendees to meet and network with others that are involved with the construction and operation of OpenStack clouds.

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ILTACON in National Harbor, MD (Aug. 28-Sept. 1, 2016)

Cost: $1,495 until July 15

ILTACON is a conference that focuses on technology and the education of it. It brings together successful professionals in the law and legal fields that have found success incorporating technology into their industry. Both technology and law are changing quickly and this conference aims to help attendees stay ahead of that evolution.

The four-day event will feature a different keynote speaker to start the day that will be packed full of events. They offer a variety of formats for attendees to take in the lectures. They have hands-on workshops, they will go through case studies with you, and they have lectures throughout the day and full panel discussions. If you have any involvement in technology, this is the conference for you.

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