Rally the Troops: 5 Quick Fixes for Your Sales Team Challenges

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Even the best sales teams hit roadblocks that they find difficult to overcome. Don't brush your roadblocks to the side, overcome them.

Even the best sales teams hit roadblocks that they find difficult to overcome. One month sales might be through the roof, and other months they may be suffering.

Rather than brushing this aside and blaming it on the economy, weather, or something else, sales leaders need to take a hard look at the way their sales teams are handling customers and transactions.

If sales dip repeatedly, then sales team members could become discouraged, which just exacerbates the problem.

Whatever is wrong, they need to get to the root of the problem fast. Below are five quick fixes for your sales team to get back on the right track today.

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To fix your sales problems, you first need to figure out what is wrong. You can start finding the answer to that question by holding team meetings with your sales team. Ask several questions in the meeting about where things might be going wrong, and listen to what your sales team has to say.

Remember, you are working with professionals so treat them with respect and they will probably have valuable input. Utilizing your team as a part of the solution will boost their morale and give you a better chance of discovering the issue.

Try brainstorming with tour sales team to come up with a solution to the problem. Here is a great article on brainstorming

Put a Plan of Action in Place

Once you have a good indication of what might be wrong, you need to implement a solid plan of action to resolve the problem. Whether your issue is a lack of motivation, bad sales practices, or any other issue, you need to strategize and implement a plan that will fix the issue quickly.

Try to get everyone on the sales team involved and get their input and suggestions on how the issue can be resolved. If you use suggestions that your own team has given you they will feel like they are accountable for following through with their own suggestions. This is a very effective way to solve the problem within your sales team. 

Evaluate Techniques

If you are experiencing problems with your sales team, it could be because some of your procedures are flawed. Take a good look at yourself to determine whether or not your managing techniques are part of the problem. Keep an open mind, and see if there are areas where you could do things better to help your sales team.

Evaluate everything, your emails, phone calls, response time, proposals and management. Sales leaders are never too good for improvement and can benefit from additional training. When you train your sales leaders properly, they will pass their knowledge down to the entire team.

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Reward Great Performance

One of the best ways to keep your sales team happy is to reward them for a job well done. Whether it is a simple acknowledgement, or a cash reward, they will feel appreciated. Incentives to do better will give your team something positive to work towards. It is important that you only reward them when they have truly done a good job, and be consistent.

Your team should understand that results are rewarded and failure is not. My team had read “The Art of War” this week, which is commonly referred to for business practices. Sun Tzu states that, “if the code respecting rewards and punishments is clear and speedily applied then you may use the many as you do the few”. If you have a large sales force it is important that rewards and punishments are consistent and well known. This way, you can easily manage your large group as if it were a small group.

Sales Trainer/Motivational Speaker

Hiring a quality sales trainer or motivational speaker can improve your sales teams moral and reinforce their skills. A sales trainer can give your sales force motivation and encouragement while delivering the message you want to hit home.

A good sales trainer will provide new insights and your team will be eager to try out the new techniques that they have learned. Sales will improve more often than not when you have one of these professionals speak to or work with your employees.

Whenever there is a problem within your sales team it is extremely important that you have a plan in place to correct that problem. Using the above 5 steps is a good starting point and can help you make an educated decision as to what your next step should be.

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