5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Go Mobile If It Hasn’t Already

Business.com / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Get ready for your small screen debut! The mobile friendliness of your site is not something you can ignore anymore.

If your business hasn’t gone mobile yet, it is time to do so before your competition overtakes you.

Going mobile refers to launching a smartphone app, engaging in mobile marketing or, at the very least, having a mobile-responsive website for your business.

In this article, you will be introduced to five reasons why your business needs to go mobile if it hasn’t already.

Get ready for your small screen debut!

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1. Consumers Are Increasingly Choosing Smartphones to Do “Everything”

Consumers are expecting from you to have a smartphone presence as they are increasingly choosing to conduct a wide range of daily activities using their mobile phones. From banking to communicating with their peers, to reading their favorite blogs, and listening to music or sharing photos and videos with their peers, so much is done via smartphones today.

Therefore, creating a user-friendly app that allows your customers to engage with your business, receive offers and purchase your products fits naturally into people’s daily smartphone usage already. This could give your business more visibility, increase customer engagement with your brand and generate more revenue.

Andrew Edwards, CEO of online trading platform ETX Capital, stated, “Since launching our trading app for smartphones we have seen a sizeable jump in users and an increase of daily log-ins by traders checking their positions on the go. For us, taking the step to go mobile was primarily driven by customer demand and any business that wants to thrive needs to listen to its customers.”

2. You Will Be Closer to Your Customers

Being in your customer’s pocket every day also increases the strength and closeness of your customer relationships. You can increase your brand’s exposure using push notifications or text message updates without having to spend a giant marketing budget on billboards, full-page newspaper ads or TV advertising. Furthermore, using mobile marketing you can immediately include call-to-actions in your notifications. This, in turn, will help you to boost your sales.

3. Marketing Is Going Mobile

Marketing is increasingly going mobile, primarily for the above-mentioned reason. Adding call-to-actions into push notifications, text messages, and social media ads is what makes mobile marketing so effective compared to TV, newspaper or radio adverts. Furthermore, you can reach out to your customers again and again to offer new products, services or discounts. This increases repeat business from your existing customers.

Mobile marketing is a growing area that is playing an increasingly important role in any business’ marketing strategy. If your marketing campaign does not include a large budget for mobile then you are missing out on building customer relationships, gaining brand exposure and increasing sales.

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4. Global Smartphone Adoption Is Growing Fast

If your business operates internationally, then going mobile is more important than ever. Global smartphone adoption is growing fast. 70 percent of the world’s population will own a smartphone by 2020, while over 90 percent already own mobile phones, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report 2015.

If you want to reach your international customers or grow your international customer base to expand your business, mobile will most likely be the most effective way to do so. A strong mobile presence will be an integral part of your international business’ future success. Hence, investing in going mobile will be vital for you to succeed on a global scale.

5. You Can’t Afford Not To

Mobile apps and mobile marketing are not just a fade. Smartphones are the present and the future. Not going mobile could mean the end of your business within five to 10 years time, if not earlier.

Mobile marketing is already a key driver of sales for many businesses. The direct link to your customer, which you create by being on their phone, is invaluable when it comes to building long-term customer relationships. Through leveraging mobile-friendly social media platforms, such as SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can stay engaged with your customer base everywhere they go.

Additionally, through the launch of your businesses own app you can collect valuable customer data. You can then use this data to improve your customers’ experiences with your brand and to better tailor your products and services to your individual customer’s needs. Furthermore, you can create a digital loyalty program to deepen customer relationships, run prize draws to keep your customers engaged and add value to your customers by providing relevant free information on the market niche your business operates in.

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There are endless ways to stay close to your customers and to keep them happy through the right forms of mobile engagement. Be it an engaging social media presence, a well-crafted mobile marketing campaign or a personalized app experience for your customers. Whatever paths you choose to go mobile, your business will benefit greatly and your customers will love you, as you will always only be a fingertip away.

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