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5 Top Digital Resources to Guide Your Construction Company to Success

ByEvyatar Sagie, writer
Mar 02, 2018
Image Credit: Photo credit: yuttana Contributor Studio/Shutterstock
> Business Basics

The internet can help you run your construction business if you know where to look.

The digital revolution has massively impacted the way we do business. With a huge number of websites dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with mentorship, networking opportunities and logistical aid, it is now entirely possible to run a company from the comfort of your computer chair.

As a member of a niche community like the construction sector, you might feel that Google doesn't have as much to offer you as much as it does to those in the more dominant worlds of high tech, finance and the like. Well, it may take a bit more digging, but if you've got a career in construction, the internet is most certainly your friend. Here are some helpful online resources to facilitate a smooth and successful construction business journey:

Safety first

The Occupational Safety and Hazard Association (OSHA) website features an extensive section on the construction industry, detailing the various safety regulations established to reduce the risks involved in this line of work. It's a great resource for those looking to minimize danger and maintain a professional operation that upholds industry standards and protocols.

Just in case

Running a company, no matter the field, comes with an assortment of financial risks that no business owner should ignore. A simple accident, like leaving a piece of equipment where someone can trip over it, can land you with a lawsuit you can't afford. The proper insurance policy will not only protect your business in the event of a mishap, it will also help you secure new job opportunities, as many clients require their contractors to be insured.

More to learn

The smartest business owners are the ones who acknowledge that there's always more to learn. Ned Pelger, owner of Pelger Engineering and Construction Inc., developed a comprehensive construction knowledge database to share helpful tips and know-how with other contractors. The site features an engaging blog, a running list of the best construction-related apps, and educational material on every subcategory of the industry, from masonry to carpentry. With the understanding that running a company requires far more than just technical expertise, Pelger also includes a thorough section on building people skills. 

Software simplified

As a contractor, you know that each construction job involves a lot of logistical planning. Fortunately, there's an abundance of software out there to simplify scheduling, pricing, inventory management, communication and collaboration between all involved parties, and more. In fact, there are so many programs designed for these purposes that choosing which one to use can be downright overwhelming. That's where Capterra's Construction Management Research comes in. Capterra is a highly useful site that saves business owners valuable time and a great deal of hassle by helping them determine which software is most suited to their company's needs.

One for all

Last but not least is the website of the AGC, Associated General Contractors of America, which serves as a sort of home base for members of the industry. The AGC updates contractors with all the news and developments in the construction universe as well a multitude of benefits, including advocacy, networking opportunities and business-related discounts. The century-old AGC does its best to represent the interests of all construction companies, no matter how large or small. 

Operating a construction company is a highly demanding task that requires extensive knowledge, organization and attention to detail. Fortunately, the internet is chock-full of handy solutions to carry some of the load and ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. At your fingertips are excellent resources to help you skillfully navigate all of your general and day-to-day responsibilities. All that's left is making sure you've got a solid Wi-Fi connection to access these resources. 

Evyatar Sagie
Evyatar Sagie
See Evyatar Sagie's Profile
As Head of Acquisition at insurtech company Next Insurance, I specialize in performance-based marketing through a variety of online channels. I have worked in companies spanning the tech world, from e-commerce through to travel, personal finance, and insurance. With skills garnered in my 13+ years of experience in online marketing and growth hacking for these diverse companies, I now lead Next Insurance’s acquisition efforts to create a global brand.
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