5 Revolutionary Tech Gadgets That Will Make Us Healthier

Business.com / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Tech gadgets aren't just something out of a James Bond movie. These products are making improvements in health care for a better world.

When you think of tech gadgets, usually what comes to mind is cool stuff like James Bond might have or that you could see from a Sci-Fi movie.

While there are many more “oooh” products coming to market, there is also a wave of tech gadgets focused on the greater good and making a better tomorrow for all of us.

Check out these five ways that technology is hard at work on a socially conscious level:

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Early Disease Detection to Save Lives

Multiple research studies have concluded that early detection of certain cancers can save lives because cancer can be treated and removed from the body. However, when left to its own devices, cancer spreads and becomes a lethal disease that takes far too many lives.

Cost of healthcare is expensive, to say the least, but also including specific tests aimed at detecting cancer early on, health care costs skyrocket past the price point that a large part of the population can't afford. However, POC Medical Systems is proving that their point-of-care model can bring these tests to the patient at a very low-cost.

These simple finger prick tests can allow for more early detection of cancers, such as breast cancer, and thereby reduce the need for further care and treatment, expensive tests, and untimely or unexpected death. The company is working on extending this technology to help with other diseases and types of cancer.

Less Traumatic Way to Track Temperatures

Nobody really enjoys getting their temperature taken when they're sick. But unlike adults, small children may not be able to tell you that they're "feeling warm" when they are ill, so temperature checking becomes a continuous ritual to make sure the fever doesn't spike. 

VivaBear is a FDA registered medical device that delivers a thoughtful, hassle-free way to take a child’s temperature with a comfortable and cute wireless thermometer that fools those kids into agreeing to regular temperature monitoring. The technology uses a network of sensors that accurately read body temperatures and work with NFC devices, which offers an interactive phone app to monitor the temperature and alert you at customizable temperatures.

Solutions for Lower Back Pain

In a sedentary society, lower back pain has become an increasing health issue. Valedo is a medical device that measures and monitors low back pain as well as provides numerous therapeutic back exercises to proactively improve your back and avoid future pain.

It was developed by therapists and movement scientists to target and ease the common lower back problems that so many who sit at desks for long hours are experiencing more and more frequently. The device works with Android and iOS devices and can be set up and used in minutes to encourage regular use.

Predictive Analysis for Sports Injuries

As concussions and head injuries from various sports becomes a greater concern as many reports have surfaced that these injuries may be behind changes in the person's personality and mood, sometimes even leading to early and unnecessary deaths.

FitGuard aims to change all of that and ensure that there are fewer injuries that go untreated and remove some of the growing risk from playing amateur and professional sports. In fact, the company quoted a study that found “concussions are one of the most commonly reported injuries among the 135 million participants in team sports, including the 38 million boys & girls in youth athletics.”

The FitGuard is a head-injury awareness mouth guard that is user specific to offer biometric data that can be used to understand what each hit an athlete receives has done to their body, including any potential brain injury.

Brain Training to Teach Relaxation

The Muse Brain Headband can teach all of us to relax a bit more despite living and working in the fast lane. As we become more plugged in, we actually end up adding to stress that then challenges our ability to relax and decompress.

muse headband

Image via Muse Brain Headband

Surprisingly, a tech gadget can help us meditate, becoming more focused and calm so that our brains do not become too overloaded. The company behind the meditation headband noted that a study found that “20 minutes of focused attention training for 3 days in a row can reduce anxiety, improve mood, and reduce heart rate.” This can help us physically and emotionally in all aspects of our life.

With the ability of today’s technology to offer more analytics, these tech gadgets are all about being proactive and using data to make decisions that lessens certain adverse impacts on the body and mind as well as that can provide earlier detection of disease and injury to save more lives. Not only are they cool gadgets, but this ability to work on a social level also makes all of this technology highly beneficial.

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