5 Steps To Making Your Email Signature a Marketing Tool

Business.com / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Email signatures can be turned into an effective and far-reaching online marketing tool without being overly promotional.

Every business today uses signatures for their email communications. However, many may have never realized that these signatures can be turned into an effective and far-reaching online marketing tool without being overly promotional. (View our online marketing resources)

Email signatures have a greater reach than any of your email marketing campaigns as they can be included in all personal emails, as well as those that are business related. Unfortunately, most business people don't make use of this platform, opting for a simple sign off with their name and title.

Adding more aspects to your email signature does not only provide you with a marketing opportunity but also makes you look more professional. So, while you can design your signature as best fits your business, check out these 5 must-have features to make it look professional yet effective:

1.       Name and Company Name

Don't forget the essentials. First thing that needs to be included in your email signature is your complete name along with your designation and the complete name of your company. Since email signatures are added to all your emails, it spells out your business for even those who are unaware of it. However, company name should only include your current employer. Remember, email signature is not your resume where you can include your entire work history.

2.       Phone Number and Email Address

For any marketing effort to be successful, it is essential that people are able to contact you. Providing a source of contact can be a huge factor to build customer trust; ensuring customers that they can contact and communicate with you makes them comfortable. Thus, adding a phone number is essential. But, because this signature is used in all your emails, it is advisable not to add a personal one. Your business telephone number is the best option.

Many people don't think to include an email address. However, if you are communicating with someone for the first time in a formal way, they often become uncertain about how they should contact you. Therefore providing the email address where you want to be contacted is advisable.

For both your phone number and email, it is also smart to add a call-to-action tab. This can not only prevent you from disclosing the number or address, but also saves others from the hassle of dialling the number or typing in the address.

3.       Website and Blog

Adding a link to your website and blog is a two-way communication. It not only allows your correspondents to get more information about you but it's also a perfect way to promote your website or blog.

When adding a website link however, you should consider linking to an optimized landing page, providing as much information about current events and promotions as possible.

4.       Social Media Links

Social media is considered to be a more informal platform for communication and can be a perfect way to reach the maximum number of people with minimum investments. Social media gives you a way of having more personal level of communication with your customers and helps in building trust. And so, by diverting more people to your social media website, you can turn potential customers into loyal ones.

5.       Promotional Information

This is the least advisable thing to add to your email signature since it gives an apparent marketing message to your correspondents. However, if you can manage it, adding information or a link leading back to an informational page about any current promotional offer, upcoming events or other promotional material can still be beneficial.

Regardless of how you choose to resign your signature, remember:

  • Email signatures should be kept simple and professional. Adding graphics or images can be a bad idea, unless of course it's your branded logo.
  • They should be written in simple font and color. A single font is advisable while you can add two colors to make your branding more apparent.
  • While flashy email signatures are unprofessional, well designed ones can be an effective and efficient marketing tool.
Photo credit: emailtray.com

Sophia Myles is the Product Specialist from Comm100 Email Marketing Team. She's a complete enthusiast in Email Marketing, while when free from work, she can be found writing and sharing just everything about Online Marketing with the rest of the world. 

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