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Take time to address all aspects of the hiring process. Follow these tips to discover dedicated, qualified, and enthusiastic employees.

As a business owner, the hiring decisions you make directly impact the vitality of your company. As such, it’s imperative that you take the time to address all aspects of the hiring process. Doing so helps discover dedicated, qualified, and enthusiastic new employees. Bad hires negatively affect team morale and are also extremely detrimental to overall revenue. SayIt Communications calculated the negative ROI for a bad hire to be a staggering -298%. In order to steer clear of a bad hire, here are five how-to tips for hiring the right employees.

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1. Create a Great Job Description

Written job descriptions define a job, making it easier to find an individual with the required skills and experience. They also define the parameters of the position (full-time or part-time) and help determine a reasonable salary for a position.

Translate the job description into a great job listing that attracts the right applicants. Once resumes and applications begin flowing in, the job description helps narrow the prospects by constantly reminding you of the big picture (candidate qualifications) rather than dwelling on interesting, but in the end, unrelated qualities or talents of the applicant.

2. Find a Good Fit by Asking the Right Questions

Interviews provide the perfect opportunity for gauging an individual’s abilities and their likelihood of fitting into your company’s culture. The way your business goes about accomplishing things may make certain candidates uncomfortable. Formal individuals may have difficulty adjusting to a t-shirt and jeans, boss on a first name basis operation. Some may require adjustment time in terms of defined roles, expectations, and management structure.

Some great interview questions are:

• Why should my company hire you?
• Considering your career path, are there things you would do differently given a second chance?
• If you get this job, loved the work, enjoyed your colleagues, and were paid your asking salary, how much more money would it take for another firm to hire you away?
• Do you have any questions for me? (This one stumps many job candidates, surprisingly)

Look at interviewing guides, or think about favorite interview questions posed to you in the past. Effective questions obtain answers revealing if a candidate is the right person for the job. Also, remember that the 20/80 rule applies: 20% of talking by the interviewer, 80% of talking by the candidate. Specific questions yield tons of information, both good and bad, so be quiet, pay attention, and LISTEN. Use the interview to get a full portrait of the person and how they express themselves.

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3. Uncover an Applicant’s Real Story

Some government regulatory requirements entail a bit of investigation during the hiring process. One example is federal form I-9, the employment eligibility verification confirming the person is eligible to work in the U.S. However, you owe it to yourself to delve deeper than just checking a few documents on behalf of the government:

• Check references. Applicants should have at least one listed on their resume. Call the reference and ask probing questions that relate to the position.
• Perform criminal background and credit checks.
• Do drug testing. This will have its own filtering effect.
• Check out social media sites. People often display poor judgment when posting on such sites. What you find there, although it (likely) pertains to their personal life, may indicate their unsuitability for employment.

Nothing prevents you from delving into any of these things during the interview. In fact, sometimes asking a candidate directly about what a former boss would say about them may provide you with all you need to know.

4. Make the Job Offer…the Right Way

If you go through the process and still are uncertain you found the right person for the job, hold off. Hiring and training a new employee who does not work out is expensive. However, when you find the perfect candidate, take action:

• Contact the selected candidate immediately.
• Do not make an offer via email. Call the person.
• Have salary amount to entice the person, and highlight other company benefits.
• If they accept on the phone, be sure to follow up in writing immediately.

5. Welcoming a New Hire

Have a mentor ready to introduce the new person to the business and help them adjust to the position. Introduce the new hire: no one wants to sit around doing nothing during his or her first week at work, being stared at like a stranger. Allowing a new employee to hit the ground running makes them fell valued and, hopefully, quells any second thoughts they have about taking the job.

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