Rocket Fuel for Entrepreneurs: 5 Tips for Maxing Out Personal Performance / Work Life / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

A wolf pack only runs as fast as its leader. Apply these tips to your workday to maximize your productivity and see better results.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with consistently operating at peak performance. 

In my time as a serial startup entrepreneur, I learned some critical lessons to keep myself engage, focused and efficient.

After all, a wolf pack only runs as fast as its leader. If you’re tired or disengaged, your team will have trouble innovating and outperforming the competition.

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1. Dress for Success

If you want to build a company worth millions, then your wardrobe needs to reflect your aspirations. If you fail to dress to impress, you’re handicapping your first impression with the people you meet with. When hiring, job candidates will feel that your inattentiveness to your appearance might translate to disorganization in the workplace. Clients will think twice about how seriously you take their business.

Remember, dress to impress doesn’t mean spend to excess. Work the local market and find places where you can save on clothes. Second-hand clothes are a great way to stay current with style without breaking the bank.

2. Visualize Your Objectives

Every business owner has to motivate themselves and develop a laser focus to maximize their performance. When you lay down at night to go to sleep, think about the day ahead. Visualize yourself going through your task list and meetings. Focusing on the things coming in the days and weeks ahead will allow you to make short-term decisions that improve your future.

Trust me, it’s easy to get distracted and focus on the wrong things in the heat of the moment. Visualize where you’re headed and make sure you take the steps today to make that vision a reality.

3. Maintain Your Health

The aspect of your life that has the biggest impact on your business is your health. Read up on the natural remedy ideas out there that can give you energy and help balance your personal chemistry. Minimize the chemicals in your food sources with produce that is certified organic.

Make time to hit the gym, and hit it hard. You’ll feel accomplished when you begin seeing results, and it will help fuel the rest of your day. Plus, going back to point 1, you want to look your best if you want the best results. Perception is reality, and a fit CEO exudes strength and discipline.

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4. Build Personal Relationships

While what you know is important, who you know makes a big difference in how successful your company is. Need help on a project? Your contacts on your phone should include an expert that owes you a favor. Business networking is the first step towards building a meaningful network. But if you want that network to yield competitive advantages for your company, you need to dig deeper in your relationships with people in and outside of your industry.

Steve Jobs was a master of building relationships that were deep and meaningful if he felt he could leverage the relationship in the growth of his business. One example was the way he handled the media. He effectively leveraged his personal relationships with the media’s biggest voices to make sure the spotlight was constantly shining on Apple.

5. Accept Imperfection, Reject Standing Still

Are you paying attention? This is important: nobody is perfect. We all have weaknesses, quirks and things we are embarrassed about. There is always room for improvement. Do not beat yourself up with unrealistic expectations.

Instead of focusing on perfection, focus on improvement. Spend time every day pushing yourself to be better than you were yesterday. You’re going to fall short of expectations. Your days are going to get away from you sometimes. Don’t dwell on failures. Think about what you would like to change and take action to make positive changes in your life.

You’ll never truly be ready for a big meeting that can change your business’ future. Instead, you have to spend your time that you have available preparing for the future to the best of your ability.

Get out there, accept that you’re going to get your ass kicked and embarrass yourself at least 30% of the time. The other 70% of powerful opportunities that you have a shot at being successful at is worth the embarrassment of overstretching. You never really know where an opportunity will lead unless you walk towards it with the confidence that comes with accepting you aren’t perfect, and you could fail, but, in the end, you’ll grow as an entrepreneur.

Are you the next Steve Jobs? Are you building the next Facebook or General Electric? Probably not, but if you use these tip and techniques to broaden your horizons, you’ll improve the potential of your company. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. Personal improvement is a gut-wrenching, all-you-can-give process that makes a lasting difference in your personal character, as well as the performance of your brand.

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