5 Tips for Writing a Persuasive 'About Us' Page

By Thomas Griffin,
business.com writer
Oct 10, 2018
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Here are some steps to write an About Us page that converts visitors into subscribers.

An About Us page is one of the principal elements of any company website, and it's also one of the most visited pages. But your About Us page is not just a chance to tell your company history – it's an opportunity to convert website visitors into customers.

Many business owners find it difficult to create an About Us page that effectively sells their product or services without seeming too self-involved, or they just put up a quick bio that fails to inspire consumers. So how do you create an About Us page that works for you and convinces visitors to do business with you?

Let's take your About Us page from forgettable to fantastic. Check out these five tips for writing a persuasive About Us page.

1. Write about your audience, not just yourself.

Sure, it's called "About Us," but it's not all about you. This is the most essential tip to remember for writing a persuasive About Us page: Write about your audience, not just you and your company.

Your website visitors came to you because they have a problem they need to solve. If they're going to buy from you, they need to see themselves in your story, understand what problems you solve and how they fit in with the solutions you provide. Also remember that this isn't the chance to write your autobiography. Keep it focused on your business instead of writing your life story and every little detail about your education. Your audience wants to know what you can offer them, so that should be the main focus of your About Us page.

2. Share why you do what you do.

You can't just tell your audience what you do; you have to tell them why you do it. Consumers aren't driven to purchase by logic alone. Emotion plays a huge part in whether they put their trust in your company and hand over their credit card. That's why you should tell your website visitors what inspires you to do what you do and why it's important to you as well as your company beliefs as a whole.

Showing your audience that you care will humanize your company, set it apart from the competition, and encourage deeper connections between consumers and your brand.

3. Inspire trust.

Boost the credibility of your business and inspire trust in consumers by displaying awards, testimonials and social proof on your About Us page. This might feel like bragging, but it's important for consumers to see positive reviews and accolades to convince them that your company is worthy of their trust.

Nearly 95 percent of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase. So, instead of visitors leaving your site to find reviews of your business, give them exactly what they need by including them in your About Us page.

4. Put a face to the name.

Consumers want to get to know the person behind the business. People are also visual creatures, so put a face to the name by adding a photo of yourself or photos of your entire team to your About Us page. And don't worry about bringing in a professional photographer to take serious headshots. The photos can be taken in your work environment, showing you doing what you love, which will be more relatable to consumers.

Approachable and interesting photos of yourself and your team will help visitors feel like they know you, which will make it easier for them to trust your company and want to do business with you.

5. Include a call to action.

When a visitor has landed on your About Us page, read your company story and learned all they need to know about you, it's the perfect time to helpfully direct them to what they should do next.

Placing a contact form at the bottom of the page is not the only thing you can do. These are some other possible calls to action:

  • "Sign up for our blog"
  • "Contact us for a free estimate"
  • "Browse our catalog"
  • "Sign up for a free trial"
  • "Like us on social media"
  • "Learn more about our pricing"

Make sure your call to action stands out, is easy to understand and provides the visitor with a clear benefit. That way, you'll be able to easily convert your website visitors into customers.  

Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website and should never be an afterthought. With these tips, your page will no longer be a boring company history that visitors skim and cast aside. It will be an eye-catching, attention-grabbing, converting machine for your business.

I'm president and CTO of OptinMonster, a powerful lead generation tool that's installed in over 700,000 websites.
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