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Style With Substance: 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Logo

ByRosemary Egbo, Last Modified
Jun 21, 2018
> Marketing

Have you ever learned more about a business by seeing its logo? I don't know your answer, but it's a yes for me. Strong logos are powerful and have the ability to send memorable messages about your small business to customers.

Some small businesses still underestimate the effects a great logo can have. I was once guilty of this during my early days of entrepreneurship. I was of the opinion that the business hadn't grown enough to have a logo. Little did I know that my business was losing chances to prove its quality to clients.

When I finally decided to have a logo, I screwed it up. I didn't really understand the true basis of having a strong business logo. Now I tell a small business owner that it's better to take their time to get a strong business logo than to get one quickly. A logo is the face of your business, and a lame one can hurt your business.

Here are five tips on how to create a logo that makes a positive lasting impression on your customers.

1. Be specific but simple.

I got it wrong with my first business logo by not being specific. Your small business logo shouldn't require much explanation. In your bid to create something magnificent, make sure you are not being generic about it. You are just starting and don't have the years of recognition needed to get away with a generic logo.

However, you should still keep your business logo as simple as possible. You probably don't have the money to pull an expensive advertisement, explaining your business to a customer more than you should. In fact, even the big corporations that can afford to be generic have simple logos. So, clarity is expedient. 

2. Choose typography that represents your aim.

The basic structure of a small business brand is the typography and graphic or iconic elements. You certainly can't afford to get it wrong with these two. I observed my first business logo was also weak in this aspect. Staying abreast of the trends in graphic designs and typography goes a long way in defining the typography and graphic elements of your logo.

Create a balance between the typography and graphics on your business logo. I didn't know that the typography was one of the most critical decisions a designer could make for the logo of my small business, so I ended up accepting a logo poor in typography.

3. Choose your colors carefully.

I've observed many small businesses choosing colors based on how beautiful they look. A logo's colors might be beautiful without satisfactorily reflecting the meaning of your business. Choose your colors and the tone they convey wisely, because 80 percent of people believe that color increases brand recognition.

Some industries are identified by their traditional colors. For example, the medical industry is known for red and white, so if you create a business logo related to medicine, one of those colors isn't a bad idea. You can draw inspiration from other logos in your industry to create something recognizable yet unique.

4. Consider what you will use your logo for.

The kind of business you run will determine the kind of logo you should have. Every business logo should be able to efficiently send a message, but businesses relying on outdoor media should take this even more seriously. It is what people will come into contact with daily, so it shouldn't be anything less than memorable.

To put this to work, view the logo without any letter in it and see if it still has a clear message. Customers shouldn't only get to know what the logo is saying by the lettering. 

Keep in mind where the logo will appear. If it'll be featured on uniforms, social media and business cards, it is important for it to thrive on all of them. Don't test it on only one platform and leave out the others. Just because it looks good on social media doesn't mean it will work on your company vehicles.

5. Research professional services to hire.

Branding is an important aspect of any business, and who you hire can be a big plus or minus to the image of your business. Mind you, my first business logo was designed by a supposed professional. You will meet many brand strategists posing to be what they are not. That's why you should be careful when choosing a firm to handle your branding as a whole, not just your logo.

You shouldn't stop at reading testimonies on their sites; make sure you carry out proper investigations on a service before hiring. Discuss the necessary details your logo will need to thrive with the brand strategist. Find out how effectively they can handle the materials your logo will appear on. Leave no stone unturned. 

Rosemary Egbo
Rosemary Egbo
See Rosemary Egbo's Profile
Rosemary is an entrepreneur and a freelance writer who loves sharing business experiences she has learnt over the years. She is the CEO of Giantrose Writing Consultancy and co-owner of She has contributed to The Good Men Project and
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