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5 Tools for Leveraging Your Next Networking Event AFTER It's Over

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

You spend a lot of money promoting your company at an event, but what happens when it's over? Here's how to build profitability post-event.

“Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.” ~Marcus Aurelius

With today’s tools your event doesn’t have to be swept away.

You spend a lot of money and/or time promoting and hosting a business event. How good are you at profiting post-event? How about building deeper bonds so you have evangelists to help you spread the word about your next event?

If you’re good post-event, then you’re in the minority. Even some of the professional event promoters I talked to admitted to being lax on their post-event strategy and execution.

I asked some of those who were good at executing their post-event strategy to share their favorite tool and how they use it.

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Okay, technically I’ve given you 6 tools because one CEO of an event promotion company uses 2 tools hand-in-hand.

Joshua B Lee ~ CEO of Stand Out Authority

Joshua B Lee, CEO of Standout Authority, gives media tips for leveraging post-event.

Tool = Animoto

Animoto creates slideshows videos. All you do is upload a group of photos from your event. Animoto has background styles and royalty-free music. You can order the photos however you like.

When you click the button it creates an up to 30-second video for you. You can load it right to your YouTube account. Then share it on your social accounts and e-mail it to your followers and event attendees.

You can do all this free. If you want longer than 30-second videos there are paid options.

David Gonzalez ~ Super Connector and Founder of Simply The Coolest, LLC (affiliate management agency)

Tool = Boomerang (for gmail)

David Gonzalez, founder of the Internet Marketing party and Simply the Coolest affiliate marketing agency, tells how he leverages boomerang for Gmail.

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Boomerang allows me to be a valuable resource after the event via the easiest, most integrated email reminders inside Gmail. I’ve put a lot into building my vast network so my calendar gets stacked up. Boomerang’s scheduling piece is critical to ensuring my follow-up gets done.

Matthew Winters - Owner/CEO at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio

Tool = Meetup.com + Google Docs survey

Matthew Winters, CEO Speed Friending Events, tells how he uses meetup.com, Social media platforms, and Google docs for surveys to leverage events for business profitsOo

I use Meetup.com as my main promotion tool because it’s the most effective. Next, I point all the Meetup members, Facebook members, LinkedIn, G+, etc members to an Eventbrite webpage.

After the event, I survey people using google docs.

I use Google docs because it's free and has some neat graphs, shows metrics and comparisons with all of your survey data.

  • The most powerful way(s) to build towards the next event are:
  • Posting pictures of the last event
  • Publishing testimonial videos recorded at the last event
  • Emailing past event attendees
  • Joey McGirr – TEDx speaker, CEO, McGirr Enterprises

Joey McGirr – TEDx speaker, CEO, McGirr Enterprise

Joey McGirr shares how he uses eventbrite.com to follow up with attendees via e-mail after the event.

Tool = Eventbrite.com

E-mail is still the best currency for connectivity. Eventbrite allows you to collect and send e-mails.

The key is to connect post-event without annoying because a big reason people attend events is networking.

Write and send a recap. Encourage the conversation to continue on a select few social media sites.

Caroline Ittner ~ Senior Account Executive at Cultivate Public Relations +

Sam Davidson ~Partner at Cultivate Public Relations

Tools: Hashtags and social platforms

Caroline Ittner shares how she uses hashtags on Twitter and InstaGram, Facebook and blogs for post-event writeups, and prize contests to spur people talking and sharing on social media.

Sam Davidson shares her social media platforms and strategies on each platform to get more profits, more buzz, sweepstakes winners, and people continuing to talk long after a business event is over.

This is our strategy to keep the conversation going and build deeper bonds after the event. The deeper the bond, the more and easier the sales you make.

Creating and maintaining a hashtag is essential in recapping events. Not only can you gather posts during the event but you can continue the dialogue post-event. Twitter and Instagram are the most user-friendly sites with hashtags.

Example: #authority

Type #authority into Twitter and Instagram to see what pops up. Create an appropriate and relevant #keyword to keep people talking about your event long after it’s over. Monitor and reply when people comment or ask questions on your hashtag.

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Facebook albums – publish images from the event to Facebook and Blogs. Ask people to tag themselves (or do it yourself, great reason to justify getting their Facebook name and e-mail). This expands the visibility to guests’ Facebook friends who may not be aware of your brand yet.

Create a takeaway/giveaway. For example, we’re opening a new restaurant. To promote buzz prior to opening, we’ve given away temporary tattoos. We encourage recipients to post pics of it with a specific hashtag. This enters them to win a meal for 2 pre-opening. You can easily adapt this for post-event promotion.

Next Steps

“I always avoid prophesying beforehand, because it is a much better policy to prophesy after the event has already taken place.” ~Winston Churchill

The big ROI to you as the event host comes post event. So which of these tools will you use in your post event profit strategy? Make a plan before your next event and you can start building profitablity right away. 


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