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Capture That Customer: 5 Tools to Help Your Business Website Gather More Visitor Data

Goutham Bhadri

Congratulations! You launched your website, filled your pages with copy and started the promotion process.

You even created a blog to bring in new visitors.

This is one of the most exciting times for you as a business owner, and yet also one of the most frustrating.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve sat in front of your Google Analytics for hours analyzing every last visitor.

  • What’d they do on my website?
  • Why’d they leave on this page?
  • Who referred them to me in the first place?

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There’s a wealth of data available to you through Google Analytics, but one thing is missing - your visitor’s personal information.

Sure, you can get data, such as location, social media platforms they visited and more, but you can’t get the good stuff - their contact info.

Converting a website visitor from someone who is lurking and looking into someone eager to learn more about your business is hard work.

It’s up to you to actively seek out the person’s data with a blatant ask.

To help you gather the golden information from your website traffic, here are five plugins you should consider installing.

1. HelloBar

HelloBar is a subtle bar sitting perfectly atop your website. In this bar, you’re able to ask for information or offer something in exchange for your visitor’s contact details.

If you have a lead magnet, this is the perfect place to make your offer known. It isn’t obtrusive so you don’t have to worry about it muddling your headlines and the copywriting you worked so hard on.

Instead, it’s discreet enough to tuck away nicely at the top of your page and effective enough to get seen and get conversions.

2. PopUp Domination

If discreet doesn’t work for your website, it’s time to pull out the stops and start using a pop up.

Pop ups are notorious in the online world for being in-your-face. Although website visitors say they don’t always like these windows on websites, conversion rates show otherwise.

They’re one of the best ways to capture your website visitor’s information.

PopUp Domination is a unique type of pop-up. It extends a simple, two-answer question to your reader. The question is up to you but most people choose a pushy question.

For example, if you own a carpet cleaning business you might ask, “Do your carpets need to be cleaned?” The two answers could then be, “No thank you, I like living in filth” and “Yes, please. My house could use your professional touch.”

By formulating the question in this way you extend the benefits of working with you in a fun, light-hearted, yet serious manner.

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3. Interrupt

As the name says, Interrupt will stop your reader in her tracks and interrupt her with a request for her contact information.

This app was created by the conversion kings over at AppSumo. It is another slightly aggressive, yet super effective way of gathering your visitors details.

Interrupt isn’t a pop up. Instead, it automatically scrolls the page to the top and makes a direct request for your visitor’s data.

Use this to get more likes on social media or gather email addresses.

If the visitor doesn’t want to see it and instead wants to go to your website, all she has to do is push the down arrow to be met with your copy and design.

4. List Builder

Perhaps these pop-ups have you too nervous. Perhaps you want a pop-up but you don’t want to offer it until you’re about to lose the person from your page.

If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out List Builder, which is a SumoMe app.

This app shows an elegant pop-up window at the perfect time, right when a person is about to leave your website and forget about your business.

Your visitor can enter her email address directly in the pop up window, making it super convenient and giving you the data you want.

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5. Rafflecopter

Reciprocity is huge in marketing psychology. The rule says that people who receive something are more likely to give something in exchange.

Holding a raffle on your website is one of the best ways to offer a gift to your reader while asking for her contact information in return.  

Rafflecopter is a great app that awards points for every bit of contact information you provide.

For example, you can award three entry points for an email address and one for a like or follow on each social network you own.

It makes your visitor feel like she’s playing a game instead of handing over valuable information to your business, making her more likely to engage with your brand.

The Gist

Converting website visitors into interested leads is hard work. Having a cue on your website through one of these apps will help. What apps do you use to gather website data?

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