5 Top Tech Unveilings You Don't Want to Miss in 2016

Business.com / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

2016 has some exciting and anticipated tech unveilings lined up. Find out five of them in this article.

Some of the most exciting tech events of the year revolve around unveiling new tech to the masses. In 2016, there’s set to be some major unveilings.

Some of them have already happened and playing out before the eyes of the world. Others are rumored and may still yet be postponed until 2017.

In this guide, you are going to see a rundown of the most exciting tech events in 2016 that have or will reveal some of the most anticipated products in the world today.

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Oculus Rift

Virtual reality technology has made major headlines in recent times. Facebook’s Oculus Rift is an entertainment helmet. Place it on your head and you will be transported to a virtual reality, where you can enjoy perfect recreations of things like water parks, earning karate belts in virtual combat, and some of the biggest video game titles in the industry.

Mark Zuckerberg bought the original Oculus Rift company for $2 billion in 2014, and this is the product that has come out of it. This new tech sets the stage for a new generation of virtual reality technology that will change every niche within the world of tech.

People who have tested the prototype have said great things about it.

The Possibility of a Small iPhone

Every fall sees a brand new iPhone hit the market. Although the iPhone 7 will be the talk of this year’s landscape in smartphone, Apple may well launch another iPhone. The reason this rumor has come about is due to the presence of the Apple iPhone 6C.

Only speculators have confirmed the existence of such a phone. It’s supposedly going to be a budget version of the iPhone and will be unveiled as part of a jam-packed tech event. This mini iPhone would include a screen that’s just four inches in size and an A9 processor that’s already in the iPhone 6S.

Some features wouldn’t be available, though. This new iPhone Mini could be released as part of an impromptu tech event called by Apple. With Apple Watch set to run over half of the wearable tech market by 2017, miniaturized versions of their most popular products should come as no surprise.

Google Project Ara

Technology has come a long way in recent times. Now imagine what could happen if Google Project Ara becomes a reality in 2016. One of the most anticipated tech events of 2016 is the introduction of Google Project Ara.

This is a project that will allow you to snap on items to your phone as if they were Lego toys. Supposedly, you will be able to customize your devices in any way you see fit. You could add a better camera, more memory, and special sensors to allow you to carry out specific tasks.

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One example of a sensor you could add is a water tester. You would attach it to your phone, place the sensor in the water source, and then it would tell you if the water was clean to drink or not. This is something that Google has been working on for some time.

It was also one of the most anticipated events of 2015, but delays meant that it was pushed back to this year. This event can’t be postponed again, can it?

Starship Technologies and Their Delivery Robot

Amazon’s delivery drones are often held up as the beacon for deliveries in the next generation. But it appears as if the co-founders of Skype have managed to beat Amazon to the punch with their new delivery robots. These are based on the ground and designed to deliver packages right to your door.

They are six-wheeled electric vehicles that can carry up to two grocery bags of stuff. For now, they can only deliver within a three-mile radius.

People are already awaiting the launch event where Starship Technologies will detail how they are going to pilot the services in both the U.S. and the UK.

Microsoft HoloLens

Virtual reality may be a thing, but augmented reality is another thing. The HoloLens glasses produced by Microsoft were already unveiled as part of a teaser event. It got everyone in the tech world talking. Using holographic technology and Windows 10 software, these glasses lay images over the user’s vision using these glasses.

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A user can look at a concrete wall and see digital images dancing across it. Users could conceivable view photos or videos of anything from Breaking Bad to the Asian World of Martial Arts. It’s a part of science fiction that has been eagerly anticipated for some time.

An event is expected in 2016 that will formally reveal where these glasses will be sold and how much they are going to cost.

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