Extend Your Reach: 5 Traffic Generating Tools to Maximize Your Web Content Visibility

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Maximize your content ROI by using these digital marketing tools to drive more traffic to your awesome content.

Your content will not promote itself, which is why you need to do the legwork of promoting them to your audience.

However, doing them manually will take out so much of your time, not to mention won't guarantee that your content will be promoted as effectively.

Therefore, use the tools featured below to help you hike up your content marketing efforts.

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1. Serpstat

Perfect for competitor research and analysis. Among the many SEO tactics, competitor research remains to be one of the most effective. Conducting a well-grounded research of the competition lets you identify their best sources of backlinks, the most effective content they have produced, and the keywords they are ranking for.Serpstat screen shot

Serpstat offers a well-rounded set of tools to aid your competitor research and leverage your findings to include in your SEO strategy. Features of the platform include the following:

  • Keyword research – Find competitor keywords that overlap with your campaign. Filter the most searched queries on Google so you know which phrases to target with your site. Analyze your competitors based on advertising and marketing trends, as well as other factors that influence their rankings.

  • Content analysis – Identify the most frequently asked questions within your niche as keyword phrases that you can use as ideas for creating your next great content. You can also search for your competitors' most visited pages so you can build a better content out of them.

  • Robust reporting – Receive regular reports about your tracked competitors so you can see the amount of traffic they are receiving and the types of keywords that drove traffic to their sites (organic and paid).

For those with little knowledge of SEO in general, Serpstat offers a comprehensive tutorial about its platform and how you can apply the best SEO practices using it.

2. Yotpo

Perfect for user-generated content marketing. Part of an effective content marketing is the ability to leverage user-generated content (UGC). Throughout the years, UGC has proven to help build web traffic and convert them into customers, as 70 percent of them refer to peer reviews and recommendations over professionally written content.

Chalk it up to the authenticity and unbiased viewpoints of user reviews, which makes UGC all the more important to include in your marketing strategy. Yotpo screenshot of homepage

Getting users to write reviews may sound simple in theory. However, it takes an experienced hand to help you gather user reviews that you can use to promote your site. For those looking to sell your products and services, you want to use Yotpo to shore up your approach to content marketing.

  • Review generation – Help your online business build your reputation by way of letting Yotpo generate authentic reviews for you. The reviews contain images of your products and are optimized for mobile viewing to guarantee increase conversion.

  • Customer retention – Give a reason to make your customers come back for more to further increase your traffic and sales. Build relationships with clients post-checkout to gain insights on how you can further help them with their needs through your business. Foster an on-going relationship with them by building a community Q&A and responding to their comments.

  • Marketing – Leverage your UGC to encourage your target audience to visit your site and try out your services. Through the platform, you can feature user reviews in your Facebook Ads and share your best-reviewed products on social media and email to attract more visitors and clients.


Perfect for creating shareable content. Every marketer worth a lick has heard of and tried out Buzzsumo. The tool is an integral part of what makes the Skyscraper Technique so effective. Simply type in your keyword phrase and the tool will show you the most shared content related to your phrase. You can then build a much better content than the ones you found so you can even double your social shares and traffic.

While Buzzsumo has other features that can help you build content that you audience will like, the biggest caveat of this platform is its price. Marketers working on a budget would be scared off even by its lowest subscription fee at $99/month. Worse, there are no clear alternatives that do the same things that Buzzsumo does.

Until TrafficFresh came along.

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 TrafficFresh homepage screenshot

This game-changer can help you create amazing content using its wealth of features:

  • Uncover popular content – Search for content that has the most social shares with just a few clicks of a button. Use the content you found to generate ideas and come up with much better content.

  • Find influencers willing to share your content – Look for people with the most social followers and who share the same kind of content you plan on creating. By approaching them, there is a great chance that they will share your content in their networks.

  • Locate hidden sources of traffic – Find trending topics within your industry so you can write posts about them. If you are into guest posting, you can search for sites where you can submit posts to tap into a new audience.


Perfect for blogger outreach, influencer marketing. Part of an effective marketing strategy for your content is to find influencers within your niche who will be willing to share your content on different online channels.

To pull this off, you need to search for people with online influence manually, compile them into a database, and send them emails introducing your content that you want them to promote. You will then have to stay on the top of the contacted people on your list to see if they replied or not.

 InkyBee homepage screen shot

Doing these things by yourself one by one can take hours, if not days, to complete. Therefore, instead of reaching out to influencers manually, use InkyBee to do these things on a single platform.

Below are features of InkyBee that can help you with your blogger and influencer outreach:

  • Search for online influencers using advanced filtering – Look for people you need to reach out to online on social media and blogs. You can assess the people you find using different metrics to determine if they are influential enough for you to include in your outreach campaign.

  • Analyze Twitter handles – Look for Twitter users related to your niche who use this social channel to grow a following and share content.

  • List segmentation for reporting – Group the influencers you have found according to different key metrics and data and export a report of your findings so you can craft a campaign based on it.

Here is a short guide on how you can use Inkybee for reaching out to influential bloggers.

Viral Content Buzz

Perfect for social media marketing. Sharing your content on social media is not as easy as it seems. Sure, you can publish your latest posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels, but unless you have thousands of fans and followers, there is little chance that your content will get read.

 Viral Content Buzz homepage screen shot

Viral Content Buzz intends to bridge the gap between your exceptional content and your content-starved audience so you can drive more eyeballs to your sites and boost your influence in your market.

Below are features of the platform that will help you hike up your social media marketing:

  • Encourage users to share your content – Enter the details of the page you want to promote and choose which social media sites others can share your content. Expect Users who share your interests will

  • Curate equally great content from others – Find posts related to your industry from other users and share them with you social networks. Each share that you make helps you earn points that you can use to run another social promotions campaign for your content.

You can learn more on how to use Viral Content Buzz to boost your social media marketing strategy by taking up its Udemy course.

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Wrapping It Up

Building web traffic can be expedited if you use the tools featured above. Establishing your target keywords based on your competitors, brainstorming for content ideas and building much better content than the ones found online, and making them easy to be found by your audience are factors that will help you hack your site's growth so can you boost your online visibility and meet your goals faster.

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