5 Writing Tools To Make You Super Productive

Business.com / Work Life / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Having some reliable tools to work with can make you more productive, rescue you from the bad days and help improve your writing skills.

If you earn a living as a writer or have to write large quantities of articles, proposals, or emails every day, then you’ll know it can be hard to stay productive.

That romanticized image of the artist by the lake who spends hours and hours over the typewriter (only to end up throwing away all his work) is pure poetry.

If you were to toss everything you wrote into the trash, you’d have a few unhappy clients to contend with and probably no roof over your head at the end of the day. 

The truth about writing full time is that you’re in a permanent struggle between producing high-quality content and meeting deadlines.

Inspiration comes and goes, but you still have to finish your projects on time, with an increasingly growing list of demands and requirements, including on-page optimization, keyword density, SEO, anchor text and more.

Having some reliable tools to work with can make you more productive, rescuing you from the bad days and helping improve your writing skills at the same time. Here are five of the best ones to make your writing hours more productive:

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1. Writefull

You can use this tool to get invaluable feedback about your grammar and word usage. How does it work? By drawing on a database of more than five million books, Writefull intelligently compares your texts and sentences with similar paragraphs that already exist online. All you have to do is select the paragraph you want to check, and Writefull will show you how often the phrase appears online and in what context, so you can decide whether your text is correct or not.

This awesome app can also help you choose the right phrasing between two different versions of a text and provides you with synonyms for selected words when you’re looking for inspiration. And if you can’t come up with the right word at all, Writefull will give you a list of possible options, depending on the context. 

2. Headline Generators

No matter how valuable your article is, it will go unnoticed if you don’t have a catchy headline to make readers click to read more. You can follow all the best writing tips in the world, but you’ll end up wasting your precious time and creative energy if your titles aren’t catchy enough. And if you’re looking for direction and inspiration for your article, then using a headline generator, such as Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator, makes your job instantly easier. By simply introducing keywords into the designated fields, you’ll automatically receive from five to 100 possible titles in seconds.

You can even check if your headline is grammatically correct and fix any possible mistakes with your writing. If you already have a great idea for a title, you can check if it needs tweaking by running it through a tool like CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. This takes into account your balance of emotional, powerful, common and uncommon words, as well as character count to see where you can improve. Headline generators and analyzers make your work easier and boost your productivity and inspiration.

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"The hardest thing for any blog is to be constantly creating content that is intriguing, useful and enjoyable to read. And, especially in the vaping industry, I currently operate in, headlines or good copies are what we always want to perfect to stand ahead in the competition," says Don Meyer, CEO of Smokazon.

3. Evernote

Being more productive is all about the right organization. So if you’ve got more clients and orders than you can deal with and find it hard to keep track of everything, now you can use an app to do it for you. Evernote greatly eases your workflow by storing everything for you, from to-do lists and ideas for new projects to pieces of inspiring content you find online. By using Evernote you’ll never lose a great idea again and won’t have to keep your mind busy remembering small details.

The app works both on your computer and smartphone and synchronizes all information to keep you updated. You can organize everything using tags and edit your documents as and when you need to. Evernote is the perfect tool for a busy writer who needs to stay organized and save great ideas for later.

4. Pocket

Good writers read a lot. So if you want to get better at what you do, you’ll need to spend more time reading. But interrupting your writing several times a day to go through lengthy articles can be time-consuming and not helpful if you’re working to a deadline.

The solution for this problem is a handy app that helps you save all the interesting articles and videos you come across each day to read later on in your free time. Pocket saves information from your browser, or social media platforms like Twitter, Flipboard or Pulse. It’s free of charge and you can even transfer the useful information you find to Evernote, to use as a resource for further writing projects.

5. Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor detects hard to read phrases, complex words, adverbs and passive voice, highlighting sentences that could be written with greater simplicity. You can work with Hemingway in two different modes, Write and Edit, and there’s an HTML editor as well. Even better than that? Hemmingway is available in four different types of English dialects such as British, American, Australian and Canadian, so it’s useful if you have clients with different requirements.

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By organizing your daily activities more efficiently and staying updated about tools that can make your life easier, you can gain valuable help and insights to improve your productivity. Keep in mind that no tool is perfect, though, and there’s no substitute for talent, so don’t expect to become the next Hemingway overnight simply because you use an app named after him.

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