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51 Expert Content Marketing Predictions for 2017 & Beyond!

David Reimherr
David Reimherr

1. Ted Rubin, Social Marketing Strategist, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators

What I see being huge heading into 2017 is live streaming, and the ability to share all video in so many ways, via more apps, with story-telling and engagement at the core. You need to try these platforms. You need to jump in. You need to see how you can tell stories, create narratives, build relationships, communicate with consumers, and create learning for your organization.

This is way more than just another content fad, but rather it's online video crossing a crucial threshold... You want to know really why I think it’s gonna be huge? Not because I’m using it or Millennials and GenZ are using it... it’s because it’s making video social. Because they’re not just streaming what’s happening live. They’re allowing you to engage with those streams... you are now able to be a part of the conversation. #RonR... #NoLetUp!

2. Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder, Orbit Media

Baby robots. Most marketers aren’t yet using tools, scripts and automated systems for content marketing. But by the end of 2017, millions more of us will have take baby steps toward systems driven by machine learning.

In five years our tools will be helping with research, writing, outreach, distribution and optimization.

Imagine a day when your system recommends a topic, writes an outline and reaches out to contributors. After you polish and publish, the system takes over again, testing headlines and calls to action. The content optimizes itself for clickthrough and conversion, social traction and rankings.

This next year, we’ll all move closer to machine-assisted creation and automated distribution. Look for new features in tools you already use.

3. Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group, Co-Author of The Content Formula

2017 will see brands move to specialization, visualization, personalization, and humanization in their content marketing programs and approaches.

Specialization will see brands moving beyond trying to be everything to everyone to being something important to a highly targeted audience. Creating a niche they can own. Visual content is so important in 2017 and brands need to figure out how to be engaging, emotional, and authentic at scale.

Personalization is, in my mind, one of the biggest trends for 2017 as brands try to create the right content for the right person at the right time. Finally, Humanization is important because one of the best ways to scale content marketing without massive investment is to tap into the expertise, the authority, and the real passions of the employees, customers, partners that already sit inside the company.

4. Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute, Author, Content Inc.

Print custom magazines, as a content marketing tool, have finally hit the bottom, and more brands will launch print magazines in 2017 as a way to cut through the clutter that is proving so difficult on the web.

5. Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer, Wilde Agency

The future of content marketing in one word? Accountability. Both content creation and content distribution will grow increasingly strategic, with the primary goal of content being to acquire customers in a measurable, ROI-based fashion.

More and more content will be created with behavioral science principles in mind, resulting in content that does a superior job of getting noticed, consumed, remembered and acted upon.

6. Stephan Spencer, Founder, Science of SEO, Co-Author, The Art of SEO

I predict that content marketing in 2017 will be more SEO-driven and not solely customer-driven. In other words, content marketing initiatives will be better targeted to the linkerati - those influential bloggers who are authoritative in the eyes of Google (you can estimate this using domain authority or domain mozRank). Content marketers must be effective at reaching the linkerati with their campaigns in order to be successful in Google, and the standout content marketers already recognize this.

7. Marcus Sheridan, President, The Sales Lion

  • Businesses will start to glimpse the possibilities of using VR to improve their sales/marketing efforts: In 2017, although we certainly won't see many business dive into VR, there will be a handful of successful case studies that wake up the marketplace and get everyone saying, "Wow, I now am starting to see what's possible for my business." (This will apply just as much to small businesses as brands.)
  • Businesses will continue to shift more focus towards video instead of textual content. In fact, more and more companies will make the investment of hiring an in-house videographer in an effort to "show" their story better than they ever have before.

8. Andrew Davis, Founder, Monumental Shift

2017 is the show me don't tell me year.

That's right, instead of telling us your products and services are different it's time to show us. In 2017, you and your brand will leverage video like never before. We will spend more and more of our marketing energy creating and consuming video on Snapchat or streaming live on Facebook (or soon LinkedIn). Our videos will be designed specifically to show our audience what we do, how we do it, who we do it for, and how passionate we are about helping our customers and clients be more successful.

2017 is the year we stop shooting videos of talking head and start crafting real video stories.


9. David Reimherr, Founder/CEO, Magnificent Marketing

My prediction for content marketing in 2017 is 3-fold. Marketers will start to put a much more intense focus on finding ways to serve up the right content at the right time, not only through email but socially as well. In addition, I see a greater movement towards documenting strategy and all the elements tied around it and predict that upwards of 60-75% of companies will have this accomplished. And finally, I think we will see an uptick in the quality of content (written & video content) as companies start to realize that putting out thin content is not doing the trick any longer.

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David Reimherr
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