6 Business Apps That Helped Us Get By in 2014

Business.com / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

This year, we tapped a wide variety of downloadable personal assistants to help us do business. Here are our top 6 business apps from 2014.

Business: there’s an app for that. Make that hundreds of apps, nay thousands. Thanks to modern mobile technology, we can better manage just about every aspect of our lives. From calorie counting to meeting coordination, the palms of our hands have never been so productive.

This year, we tapped a wide variety of these downloadable personal assistants to help us take care of business-related tasks. Below are the top 6 apps we couldn’t do business without in 2014. How many of them are you using? Next stop: App Store!

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1. Asana

Asana iPhone App Screenshotsimage via iTunes App Store

Busy entrepreneurs and startup founders would likely agree that without project management tools, their business would be dead in the water. Asana is one of said tools that is well worth its weight in gold. Mitch Gordon of Go Overseas and a member of Scott Gerber’s Young Entrepreneur Council, explains in our article 13 Business Apps You Should Be Using:

"We're all Asana evangelists at Go Overseas. We entirely manage our schedules on the app, assign tasks and hold each other accountable. The Asana app has helped everyone on the team become more organized and efficient with our time. It would be a significant challenge to run our day to day at the company without that app on my phone!"

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics App Screenshotsimage via iTunes App Store

In June of this year, Google Analytics finally released a version of the must-use tracking tools for your marketing efforts on the iPhone. Another one of YEC’s esteemed members, Neil Thanedar from LabDoor, shares his sentiments of the long-awaited Google Analytics app:

"It is amazing that it took so long for Google to create an official version of their analytics software for mobile devices. Now that it's available on iOS, Google Analytics is instantly my No. 1 business app and is the only one with a spot on my home screen."

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3. Expensify

Expensify App image via Expensify

Remember when you had to create an expense report with actual receipts? Those days are long gone, thanks to the genius of Expensify. In our article 5 Great Mobile Apps for Business, we sing praise to the ease and ingenuity of the app:

“Nothing beats recording expenses real time. Not only are you making sure receipts don’t fall through the cracks (like in between airline seats), you’re simplifying things immensely.

This free app syncs credit card transactions with receipts scanned by your phone’s camera. While driving, it tracks mileage and generates an exportable summary report that syncs with QuickBooks, Google Docs or other Expensify users.”

4. Contactually

Contactually App iPhoneimage via iTunes App Store

Another game changer is Contactually, the “digital handshake.” Use Contactually on all of your devices with seamless integration, and this slick and easy-to-use application will help give you a leg up on your professional relationships:

“Contactually is a CRM you'll actually want to use, and the perfect way to make sure you stay in touch with the most important people in your network. By automatically aggregating key information from across different email accounts, social networks, and more, Contactually is able to do far more than a typical CRM — like identify who you should contact next, and even help you figure out what to say. Plus, it syncs your contact info across platforms, so kiss tedious manual entry goodbye.”

5. Join.me

Join.me App screenshotimage via iTunes App Store

Who says you need a conference room for a conference call? The only thing you need nowadays is your smart phone, and an app like Join.me. Your world just majorly expanded:

“Join.me has topped Skype in bandwidth, allowing 250 users to share materials simultaneously in its Pro version. The app is similar to Skype in its intent: to provide simple, free web conferencing, chat, and file/screen sharing. One of Join.me's greatest perks is that you needn't download any software or register your personal information to use it, although you will need to install an app viewer if you're using iPhone or Android.”

6. Eternity

Eternity App for iPhone and iPadimage via Komorian.com

Keep track of your work easily thanks to Eternity:

Eternity is a simple iPhone time tracking tool used for project tracking, billing, and professional and personal development. With its work, sleep, and play categories, Eternity is designed to help us maintain a better work-life balance.

Tapping on each category brings up a timer window featuring a big “start” icon. To log time on a particular task, use this timer and simply add a note or tag if you wish to revisit it later.

Eternity is a universal app designed to work on both the iPad and the iPhone. Sells for $9.99 in iTunes.”

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