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6 Customer Feedback Channels You Should Be Using

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Customers are usually keen on giving feedback, but only when they believe the business cares about hearing their thoughts.

These 6 methods to create customer feedback channels encourage interaction and provide actionable data you can use to improve your company now.

1. JotForm - Email and Contact Forms

Opinions direct from the source, your customers, are among the most valuable pieces of information you can receive. Adding a contact form to your website so you can capture those opinions is easy with JotForm.

The tool's drag-and-drop design method is simple to use, even if you don't have web design experience. Once the form is ready, just copy the code it generates into a widget or side bar on your site. Tweet This Tool!

Personalized Email Messages: Your customers need to see that you care about their suggestions. Reply to every email you receive within 24 hours and don't use a form message. Take the time to personalize your response.

2. Infusionsoft - Email Automation

Managing a high number of customer feedback forms on your own can take time. Incorporating Infusionsoft in your email strategy can help you automate the process.

The platform has multiple tools, including a form generator, newsletter functionality and email creator all using an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

You can even set up Infusionsoft to send out an email thanking your customers for their opinion. That feature can give you more time to respond with something more in-depth over the next day (Tweet This).

Pro Tip: All those features and helpful tools don't come cheap. Schedule a free demo before you buy.

3. Reviews - Create a Customer Satisfaction Page

The peer review is one of the strongest referral methods out there. Adding a page to your business website that highlights the praise of your product or service can motivate potential leads to convert.

Take a look at the customer feedback page on Notice how they use their page to advertise high feedback ratings across multiple sources.

This technique does the heavy lifting of advertising a company and touting the high marks customers give them.

4. Disqus - Customer Blog Commenting

Want the unvarnished opinion of your clients? Add the Disqus plug-in to manage your website's blog comments (Tweet This). Users tend to prefer creating a profile on Disqus (used by national media sites, including CNN) than a social media option like Facebook.

Implementing the comment feature takes about five minutes using a downloadable plug-in. You can sign up for free, and there's never a charge for use.

Start Blogging Now: If you're not blogging, it's time to start. Talk about the exciting things going on at your company. Discuss industry trends. Add your own unique voice to the conversation.

Blogging regularly (at least once per week) keeps your site fresh and encourages customers to come back and comment.

5. Kampyle - Collect Client Feedback

Create your own questions and get answers from your real customers without doing all the leg work. Kampyle allows your business to gauge positive and negative feedback to make improvements to product offerings, website features and usability (Tweet This).

The platform offers solutions for a variety of business ventures, including e-commerce, nonprofit, telecom, and financial services.

6. Crazy Egg - Website Performance

Tracking down every customer and asking them for feedback is exhausting. Crazy Egg allows you to view trends in how customers interact with your site, including where they click and what they view, over time with no forms to fill out. Analyzing customer tendencies can help you make improvements to your site to increase conversion.

Installing the program is a simple matter of inserting a couple of lines of code, provided by the company, into the footer of your own website. Crazy Egg's own step-by-step installation guide will walk through the process and test your site to make sure it's working properly.

User responses on your products and services is vital to the success of your business. Regardless of what feedback channels you decide to carry out, it's important you take what your customers say seriously. Doing so does more than generate sales. It turns customers into fans.

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