6 Customer Service Tools for Expanding Businesses

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Customer service should be a top priority, especially during times of expansion. To keep customers satisfied, use these 6 customer...

Great customer service is what sets successful businesses apart from the rest, and ensures that they will have loyal customers for years to come. After all, if customer service is a high priority for consumers, then you should make that a priority as well. However, when businesses decide to quickly expand, the level of customer service can take a hit.

Get the Right Tools

It's never been more important to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, particularly if you're looking to reach different markets outside of your own local borders. The last thing a business needs during a delicate time like this is negative press. If a business doesn't have a good reputation in their own market, how can it expect to be successful in another?

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Fortunately, there are plenty of online tools that can be integrated into a business processes to improve customer retention, build more leads, and increase satisfaction-- all of which can have a positive impact on the success of your overall business during the process of expansion.

Nowadays, everything is pretty much done online when it comes to business, including customer service. So it's to no surprise that there are a variety of tools to choose from:

1) Keeping an up-to-date FAQ page

Keeping an updated FAQ page is a great starting point because it allows common questions to be answered quickly and effectively. Customers will have questions before, during and after the change, and being available to answer any inquiries will ensure those customers that they are valued. You may also want to include something on your FAQ page relating to your business's expansion to ensure your customers that you are still available to answer any of their questions. Tweet This Tool

2) Zendesk

Zendesk is by far one of the more popular tools available for improving customer service. As mentioned earlier, accessibility is one of the most important traits of an effective customer service response team. As a web-based customer support system, Zendesk helps to get customers connected with help by the fastest means possible by organizing, prioritizing, and engaging so that customers receive the most timely response. Tweet This Tool

3) Desk.com

Desk.com is another effective online tool for improving customer service. As an all-in-one toolkit, this tool focuses more on how to communicate with customers via social media networks. Whether customers are engaging with your business's Twitter or Facebook pages, email, or by phone, Assistly helps to manage all customer interactions all in one place, in real time, 24/7. Tweet This Tool

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4) GetSatisfaction

This tool offers a modern interface that claims to be the most customer-friendly community platform. As a cloud-based platform, GetSatisfaction serves as an ideal customer service solution for businesses looking to expand. It also gives customers the opportunity to discover new content, build a reputation of their own, and start conversations with others. Best of all, because more than half of a business's visitors perform web searches on their mobile devices and tablets, GetSatisfaction stays one step ahead of the game by providing responsive design to these devices. Tweet This Tool

5) SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey and other plugins will be essential tools to utilize to gain customer feedback from multiple platforms. Your customers are the ones who will ultimately drive your business, therefore, knowing how to successfully utilize customer feedback is a must. Asking customers what they think and what they want helps improve business, but it also makes customers feel valued and appreciated. There are many ways to obtain customer feedback, and it can be as simple as adding a comment box to the bottom of a Facebook post, or requesting customers to complete a short survey. Businesses may also want to hold focus groups of their repeat customers. Tweet This Tool

6) Establishing a toll-free number

A specific toll-free number for customers to call to discuss their services shows them a dedication to their experience as customers-- an olive-branch, of sorts. Any voiced concerns or issues should be resolved quickly and with sincerity, and any suggestions should be taken into consideration.  Having a toll-free number in place enables your customers to have a way of getting in touch with your business, even if it's at the other end of the world. Tweet This Tool

Be Proactive for Existing Customers

Being on the lookout for any impending issues is imperative for customers service support. Regularly check in with customers in order to identify areas of weakness and amend them before customers have a chance to become unhappy.

Taking care of any problems or issues before customers do helps maintain a healthy customer-business relationship. For any problems that can't be easily remedied, letting customers know ahead of time can prevent complaints and frustration from normally-loyal customers. If there are any issues, the best move you can make is to alert your customers right away and offer an apology, or if they're really dissatisfied, offer them a discount or a refund.

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For all businesses, customer service should remain on top. However, it is especially important for businesses that are in the middle of a big expansion. Rather than letting customer service fall to the wayside during a company makeover, following these tips will help keep good customer service as a top priority.

Author Bio: Camille McClane is a motivated writer and online journalist who is aspiring to become an expert in business communications and marketing. She is grateful to have been able to share her knowledge of business efficiency and expansion with the readers of Business.com

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