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6 Industries that Could Benefit from the Cloud

Drew Hendricks
Drew Hendricks

Many industries now are moving their processes and systems into the cloud at a fast rate as its capability of providing a platform for innovation, as well as its potential to improve the efficiency of business processes becomes an important source of competitive advantage.

Here are 6 industries that can benefit from embracing the cloud and SAS models:


The hotel industry is seeing their margins eaten away buy aggregators like, Expedia and Travelocity. The challenge for the hotel industry is the many of them run on antiquated IT systems like excel. Companies like Duetto are providing SAS solutions to enable hotels to do things like test price elasticity online on their own sites and compete with the aggregators.


Educational institutes are discovering innovations and advancements in technology to be a wise option in automating their administrative processes. This will develop a centralized knowledge and information depository to improvise communication with their staff, students, and additional stakeholders.

Life Sciences

As the complexity and volume of clinical trial data increases, researchers require new methods of filtering data. Moving to the cloud may decrease clinical trial costs, accelerate innovation, as well as eventually improve patient care.

Real Estate

Cloud data storage is a lifesaver in the real estate industry. Agents can quickly recover their association’s files and with a lot less trouble than traditional tape storage-- that may become corrupted in time. For this association, you’ll find that it is cheaper (at about $10 per month) to utilize a cloud backup provider than to purchase backup drives, get backup software updated, as well as manually perform the backups. iDrive and Carbonite are amongst the most popular cost-effective and easy-to-use tools.

Document sharing: Use Dropbox (file sharing online) to share massive files with your team members. For instance, rather than new members taking a binder full of paper with them after orientation, you can send them the link to your shared orientation Dropbox file. From there, they’re able to download as few or as many files as they like want; saving toner, paper and copier wear-and-tear as well as the staff effort required to assemble. Dropbox is free of charge (base storage level).

Time saving: You can use the cloud application Google Docs (free), to post a Word document on the Internet, in one place, in which all committee members may access it and then edit it. Also, it permits agents to track changes, so they’re able to check who’s making what changes. Therefore, rather than e-mailing individually, round by round, one by one, all agents can convey their thoughts in one place, whenever they want.

Google Calendar: It is extremely simple to update, and members appreciate the fact that they have the ability to sync events from their association calendar to their own individual Google calendars with a single click.

Remaining connected: Automatic syncing of all of your devices—laptop, office computer, home computer, tablet, as well as smartphone—is a really fantastic cloud feature.

Consumer Goods

The benefits of the cloud for leaders in marketing are centered on enhancing a company’s external proposition. According to studies, the leading 3 benefits they expect to obtain from cloud-based solutions within the next twelve months include: boosting sales force effectiveness and expertise (30 percent); taking fresh products to the marketplace quicker (27 percent); and improved consumer satisfaction (27 percent).

Those benefits may be recognized by moving customer relationship management (CRM) to the cloud and mixing mobile, web, social, and email marketing campaigns to target customers in a customized manner.

Also, cloud allows vast quantities of consumer information to be gathered and stored-- that then can be utilized to more effectively target sales and marketing at possible consumers. Also, companies are using BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) to instantly manage customer service feedback and data as it feeds in via multiple channels like telephone, email, and social media.

Financial and Banking Services

There are numerous advantages cloud computing will present which especially are valuable for the financial and banking sector:

  • Agility: Businesses may move rapidly into new markets and quickly modify their business operations. Also, it assists financial organizations in growing and adapting after acquisitions.
  • Avoid procurement roadblocks: Companies avoid the problems that surround software, hardware, as well as datacenter space purchases using easily scalable solutions.
  • Chance to improve: Migrating into the cloud includes an excellent opportunity to simultaneously improve platforms and code.
  • Better security: Financial companies may seek private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions which provide better security than their IT staff might implement on their own, which includes resources for monitoring and governance.
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