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Inspiration Station: 6 Killer Marketing Tips from Actual Business Owners

Business.com / marketing strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

These big ideas could be the inspiration behind your next big marketing campaign. Get ready to brainstorm!

From the time a new business launches, its entrepreneurs are thinking about marketing.

What social media posts should deploy, when?

Should those posts include visual media or simply be text based?

Whatever marketing strategy an entrepreneur takes, it always seems there might be something more that can be done to really catch the consumer's eye.

Business owners face a wide variety of responsibilities each day, from reaching out to new clients to managing finances and keeping existing clients happy. Marketing is an important part of growing a business, but there’s no blueprint for successfully getting the word out about a business’s products, services, or special events.

Small business owners can learn from entrepreneurs who have successfully marketed their own businesses over the years. Here are a few can’t-miss marketing tips from successful business owners.

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Launch, Track, Iterate, Repeat

Many businesses delay a big launch, mistakenly thinking that they have to roll out the red carpet on release day. Ryan Holiday, founder and partner of Brass Check Marketing, reminds business owners that today’s technology allows business owners to track the results of their marketing campaigns and make changes in response to what they learn.

He advises getting the product out there without all the fanfare, then marketing the product using growth hacker strategies. This means using innovative methods to promote products, then tracking how those methods work on an ongoing basis.

Outsource the Work

Aaron Rudolph owns a successful landscaping company in Wyoming and has found outsourcing is the key. As he told Entrepreneur, when you pay a marketing firm for advice, you avoid reinventing the wheel and instead pay someone who already has a level of expertise. When the hard work of marketing is turned over to a specialist, a business owner can then focus on growing the business.

Leverage Your Low Budget

Businesses often lament that they can’t spend as much as large corporations on marketing. But Robert Stephens, the founder of Geek Squad, has found that this actually can serve as an advantage. Everyone loves an underdog, he has found, and low-budget marketing campaigns are a great way to establish that image.

Instead of putting every dollar they have behind a marketing strategy, small business owners can actually benefit from simpler efforts rather than flashy graphics and videos that are obviously designed to go viral.

Offer Information and Advice

Service-based businesses have the challenge of marketing their services on an ongoing basis. They can set up a website that lists those services and promote specials and discounts, but Robert May, founder and partner at The May Firm, has found another way to market those services. His firm’s blog contains useful informational articles on some of the most in-demand topics in personal injury law.

By providing this information and linking it across social media sites, service-based businesses can broaden their reach without spamming customers.

Hunt for Open Secrets

One thing that sets transformative businesses apart from others is that their owners understand things other businesses don’t. Often those “secrets” that are in plain sight.

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel cites Google, Amazon, and Tesla as companies that saw a demand that was plainly visible to those who chose to see it, but the difference was, those companies acted on what they saw. He believes marketers must constantly scan the market for these open secrets and use them to create products and services that meet those demands.

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Of his marketing tips, Neil Patel, co-founder of Kissmetrics puts blogging first. It is the lowest-cost way to attract an audience, which can then be converted to customers. The first step to this is to blog consistently since even a few weeks away can lead a business owner to lose a hard-earned audience.

At the same time, Patel recommends slowly growing relationships with influencers, which can expand a business’s reach when marketing help is needed. All of this takes time, so it’s important to see these as ongoing efforts rather than something a business works on when it’s time to promote a big event.

For business owners, reaching out to as many customers as possible is a top priority. By channeling their efforts in the right direction, businesses can have more success with their efforts, making the most of every dollar they spend.

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