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You know that you lose clients even if they are ready to buy from your company? You’ll be surprised at how easily you can fix that.

Let’s say you provide excellent products and a high-class service. However, a great number of your potential clients might still leave your website without purchasing or contacting your company, even if they find what they actually want.

“53 percent of U.S. online adults are likely to abandon their purchase if they can't find a quick answer to their question; 73 percent say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service,” mentioned Kate Leggett  in her article Your Customers Don't Want To Call You For Support

In this article, we are going to reveal some tricks that can help you increase your conversion rate into calls and, as a result, grow your sales volume.

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Three reasons why you don't receive enough leads:

1. Your Phone Number Is Hidden Somewhere in the Contacts

49 percent of companies do not list a phone number on their home page. Some of them hide it on the contacts page. 

Problem: Your website should be easy to navigate. Twenty-five percent of potential clients leave because of the poor usability of the website according to Statistia’s study of why shoppers leave websites in E-commerce. If you’re attracting calls, but your visitors have to look for your phone number on the website, this percentage will be even higher. 

Solution: An easy-to-find phone number can boost conversion, as visitors know that if they need to, they can call. Place your phone number in the website’s header and make the navigation bar visible on scrolling, so the phone number will be always be in sight. Thus, visitors will always know how to contact your company, no matter which page they are on, and they don’t have to search for it again and again.

Country Website home page screen shot

2. An Implicit Call-to-Action

Call-to-action is your instruction to the visitor, a desired outcome of your potential customer visiting your website. If your goal is getting more sales calls, your CTA should engage people to contact you via phone.

Problem: Even if the phone number is in the right place, some companies forget about a call-to-action. CTA can make your prospects do what you expect from them. Give them a good reason to call, and they won’t move on to your competitors.

Solution: Add a CTA to your phone number. Use some helpful tricks to strengthen the effect: 1. Add powerful words at the beginning of your sentence, as it provokes people to react exactly like you need. As a rule, the first word is in the imperative form like: For business services: get a free trial, call today, contact us right now; For E-commerce: call before you buy, call to order and get free shipping; Would you like to involve your clients into a conversation and learn more details? Try: contact us for free consultation. 2. Give an additional reason to call. If you offer a value in the call-to-action, visitors are more willing to contact you.

A good example: Call For a Free Case Evaluation Today.

The Law Firm of Barry Lowe website screenshot

The CTA should demonstrate ways in which the customer can get the desired result or the solution to their problem.

3. Contact Forms With Too Many Fields to Fill

Business questionnaire form example

If companies offer a callback, they suggest visitors fill out a form with more than eight fields such as first name, last name, phone number, email address, location and others.

Problem: The more fields in the form you have the less callback requests you will’ll get. Submitting personal information might be a barrier for some people. Besides, the process of completing a long list of fields is, on the whole, boring and complicated for all visitors.

Solution: Try to simplify this step. The conversion can be increased by 26 percent by removing only one form field. The effect will be even greater if you reduce several fields at once. If you are ready to handle incoming phone calls, then make it simple with one or two fields.Consequently, it will tremendously boost your conversion rate. Imagescape has increased conversion by 120 percent, reducing their form from 11 fields down to four. Such an impressive result is obviously worth sacrificing that extra information. 

Three reasons for ineffective call processing.

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1. Long Phone Menus

If your company has several departments, it’s likely that you have a general phone number with a voice menu. Of course, it has its advantages, such as having the same phone number mentioned everywhere, and saving staff time by getting clients to press one, two, or three to move on to the necessary department or employee. Still, when it comes to new customer acquisition, the phone menu is a nightmare for many people.

Problem: 63 percent of consumers say they’ll stop using companies’ products after a bad experience. Customers realize there can be an endless queue of buttons, and there is no guarantee at all that after all this process, the line is not busy for 15 minutes or even more. Here are the top five things people hate about IVR: duplicate Information, being on hold for a long time before one may speak to an agent, irritating music or advertisement, having to repeat Yes/No in ASR and a long menu. Due to these facts, a large number of customers hang up at their first contact to the company exactly when they hear an IVR system.

Solution: For getting a maximum conversion rate not only into calls, but into conversations, the best decision is to provide your website visitors with a phone number without an IVR system. It does not mean you have to get rid of  the IVR completely. At least, make sure that landing pages, used for new customers acquisition, have direct phone numbers to reach your sales people.   

If getting rid of the IVR is commercially unprofitable, and you can put up with losing calls at this stage, make sure contacting sales department is the first option in the IVR menu. So, in case of the most important calls for the company, potential clients will get a faster response without the long buttons queue.

2. Visitors Cannot Get Through to the Company

Average companies answer the phone in less than three and half minutes. However, some companies make people hold on for half an hour.

Problem: Will everyone wait for half an hour to reach your company? Of course not! Surveys show that nearly 60 percent of respondents believe that one-minute is too long to be on hold. In addition, 32.3 percent of consumers believe that customer service departments should be answering immediately with no hold time. It shows that people are not ready to wait. They want to get a real person on the line as quick as it is possible.

Even three minutes is too long for the response, and some clients decide not to wait and cut off.

Here are the main points why customers cannot get through to companies:

  • The line is busy all the time
  • Long hold on
  • Nobody answers the phone

You can endlessly improve the efficiency of your landing page, but if clients cannot get through to the company, all efforts on A/B testing will be a waste of time.

Solution: All these problems have one solution, an appropriate communication service which can cope with all the incoming calls.

  • Skip the waiting queue for sales calls
  • Hire more operators
  • If that is not an option, make sure some of your employees can answer the phone if all sales reps are busy
  • Provide people with an ability to schedule a callback when they visit your website after hours or on weekends

3. Mistakes When Offering a Callback

You can dramatically increase the value of your brand for your potential customers by providing a fast human connection. If other companies cannot guarantee such speed, it will be a competitive advantage for you.

Moreover, phone calls are the fastest channelfor solving customer complaints as you can get the issue resolved within a single conversation.This creates a better customer experience and results into more loyal customers.

Nevertheless, some clients have barriers that prevent them from calling: they expect long waiting for an available operator and prefer to leave a request for a callback. So, adding a callback option would be a great idea for your website. The number of calls and your company profit will increase. Still, the effect can be spoiled by the wrong use of this tool.

Problem: As we have mentioned, researches prove that people dislike waiting. Thus, when a visitor orders a callback and waits for it for hours or even for days, the conversion is ruined. A callback service should be extremely quick, so that the customer does not manage to find another website with the same products.

Solution: Don’t put your potential customers into a long queue. Call them immediately: not within a day, but as soon as possible, and provide them with an opportunity to schedule the callback time. If you receive callback requests via email, set a notification about new messages for your sales reps, or use an automated callback, which allows your customers to get an instant response from your company.

Callback example for company website

Use an Automated Callback 

If you want to boost conversion of your website immediately, try an automated callback tool.

This solution lets your prospects enter their phone numbers and get connected to an available sales rep in less than 25 seconds. The tool automatically calls your number, finds a sales rep ready to talk and connect them with a customer. An integration into your website takes five minutes, and the effect is immediate.Callback gif

So, it solves the problems mentioned above tremendously well:

  • It has a unique call-to-action. Get a callback in 25 seconds
  • There is only one field with a phone number to enter
  • No waiting on the line is needed for a potential customer
  • No voice menu is required since you can forward calls to any phone number
  • No clients are lost due to the queue of sales reps, the tool automatically finds an available operator in less than 25 seconds
  • Free connection is guaranteed for website visitors worldwide

You can try this solution for free by signing up on

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Follow These Tips and Get More Sales Calls 

Check the list of six reasons, improve the situation on your website and beyond it. These simple steps do not require any serious effort while the results will be amazing. Be accessible for your customers and you’ll get great feedback.


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