6 Small Business Perks That Will Recruit Big Talent

Business.com / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Worried you can't afford a team of talented employees? Here are 6 creative small business perks to attract and keep high quality employees.

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Budget cuts, constant healthcare reforms, and the luring figures of Fortune 500 salaries have left many small businesses worried about attracting talent-rich employees. You need an all-star team of employees to get your startup off the ground, but how can you recruit high quality applicants (and keep them) when you can’t afford them? Money talks, right?

Not always. Society for Human Resource Management chapter president Jared Olsen suggests offering awesome perks to compensate for salary shortcomings. “Creative cultural perks are becoming as important as salary,” he notes “and they entice employees—particularly younger workers—to stay loyal to their companies.”

We took a look at six creative employee perks that are common among successful small businesses. For further creative employee compensation ideas check out our infographic below.

Don’t compete monetarily with established enterprises. Get creative with your benefits package and lure talent by being awesome.


Click on the Image Below to Discover:

  • The benefits of working from home
  • Why employees are attracted to flexible schedules
  • And which perk empolyees will trade in exchange for less money
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