6 Tips to Shake Off Startup Stress

Business.com / HR Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Follows these 6 tips in response to a stressful day at your startup.

Being an entrepreneur can be strenuous and stressful. Since you're the boss and have control over your choices and time management, there are some really simple ways to refresh a bad mood and put a whole new face on your work day.

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1) Be a Good Samaritan

When was the last time you took an opportunity to help your fellow citizen? Nearly every day I walk to a local Subway for a veggie sandwich with no shortage of people along the way looking for a little help. I see someone who needs help and ask if I can pick them up a bite to eat or even invite them along. For someone shunned and ignored the entire week, it's a huge boost to his or her sense of humanity. For a minor $10 investment, I'm brightening their day AND mine at the same time. Being a good citizen feels great. Try it sometime!

2) Send a Thankful Text Or Two

Feeling crabby? Irritable? Stop right there, pick up your phone and scroll through your contact list. Now, pick a few random people and send them a thankful text message. Perhaps say thanks for their friendship or express your gratitude for the things they've done for you. Your contacts will appreciate the positive gesture, and the positivity of the act itself will offset your negative mood.

3) Watch a Few Comedy Clips

When I get an unexpected notice from the IRS, I go into a bitter anger spiral that never feels like it's going to end. I try not to take it out on others, but moods like this can be a wet blanket on my entire day. I've found the perfect solution to a wound up day is to have a good laugh. I recommend classics like the observational humor of Jim Gaffigan or a the hilarious Conan O'Brien clip "Everything is Amazing and No One is Happy." They'll give you great perspective, trust me. After a few laughs, you'll be in a brighter frame of mind and realize things aren't as bad as they seem.

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4) Get a Sloppy Kiss From Someone You Love

There are a few creatures on Earth whom seemingly have no worry. One is Coco, my canine companion, the other my 20-month-old toddler Scarlett. Spending time with either gives me a glimpse of carefree living. They are always in the mood to give me a sloppy kiss and a few of those will cure whatever's got me feeling crabby. A kiss worthy of a towel wipe is a good investment and refreshes the soul.

5) Vent

Take a good friend out for a walk or coffee and tell them you need 10 minutes to vent and hear out your complaints about love, life, work, whatever. They don't need to offer advice, just a willing ear. During those 10 minutes, let it all hang, air out the downers and hassles you're feeling are weighing your life down. After 10 minutes of this, you'll probably start to reach the end of your rant, realizing life isn't all that bad. Expelling all the internal voltage of your bad mood will exhaust your fixation with whatever's bothering you. Otherwise, your internal angst will leak out in small doses making you insufferable to those around you.

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6) Do Something You Are Good At

Typically bad days and bad attitudes are a result of you feeling like you failed, came up short on a goal or facing challenges larger than you. One way to feel better is to do something you're awesome at. Perhaps it's Ping-Pong, writing, playing music or reciting quotes from Seinfeld. Do whatever you do better than the average citizen. You're not useless. No, you are someone who kicks ass, takes names and has no time to waste on imaginary shortcomings.

(Image: PinkBlue via freedigitalphotos.net)

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