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Strategies for Momentum: 7 Tips to Improve Social Media Engagement

Alan Rabinowitz
Alan Rabinowitz
at SEO Image

Learning how to improve social media engagement is a lot easier than you think.

Learning how to improve social media engagement is a lot easier than you may think. All of the resources, including, useful how-to tutorial videos, supportive meetups and expert eBooks are available online.

But as easy as it sounds, like every other part of social media marketing or any digital marketing campaign, improving engagement is all about execution.

Now as a way to provide you with a useful list of tips on how to improve your social media engagement without wasting a dollar or valuable time, we have taken the liberty to assemble our favorite methods that we use on our clients with you.

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1. Listen for important conversations.

A great way to score easy brand impressions while also improving your likeability factor is to be the first one to initiate engagement, especially when users in your community post content. In Dale Carnegie's book, How to win friends and influence people, he suggests how expressing interest in others, in turn, makes one appear more interesting.

How to listen for important conversations around a brand? You can use tools like Google Alerts, a free tool that sends you notifications every time a keyword or phrase is mentioned on Google. You can use it to track your brand keywords or track the key phrases of other brands who you're trying to befriend. Social Mention and Talkwalker are other listening tools that you can try as well.

2. Improve engagement with image content.

eMarketer reports that people on Facebook who post images measure a higher engagement rate, suggesting that fans are 87% more likely to engage with image content than posts without. The same study shows fans are 35 percent times more likely to retweet image content on Twitter as well.

How to create image content and improve social media engagement? There are a lot of free tools that you can use to help you design stunning and professional looking images. Try practicing with free tools like Visual.ly, Easel.ly and Canva. These tools help you easily create image content like quotes, charts, memes or infographics.

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3. Improve engagement with video content.

Video content has always been a source of viral content on social media and a lot of marketers are discovering its true value for conversion. According to the EyeView Digital report, landing pages with videos improve conversion rates by 80 percent. With YouTube being the second most popular search engine on the planet and 87 percent of companies naming video as a leading type of marketing content, you can see why the “video marketing is the future” mantra is often repeated in digital marketing forums.

How to create video content and improve social media engagement? You can practice and produce video content with tools like Periscope, Wistia and even Windows Movie Maker, all are useful tools that help you create engaging and branded videos for both real-time publish or native networks.

4. Schedule posts for prime time.

When is the best time to post on social media? This is a question we often hear in social media marketing forums. And it appears the most popular time slots shared by expert panels are the times in-between noon hour or just after lunch and even times slightly past 7 p.m. between Monday and Friday. Your best bet is to test with your own network and find out what works best for you. Try testing primetime during the breakfast, lunch hour and dinner time slots, and find out how your community reacts.

How to schedule posts and improve social media engagement? You can use a social media tool like Hootsuite to help you automate and schedule updates across different channels. Hootsuite offers a freemium for three social networks and you can pre-schedule posts and monitor them all from one dashboard.

5. Buy sponsored posts on Facebook.

Set a budget for sponsored posts and buy them on popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn. When you invest in media spend, your sponsored posts will reach a wider audience outside your existing fan base. The embedded form inside Facebook will guide you on how to create ads that target your demographic.

How to improve social media engagement with sponsored posts? Facebook is the social media benchmark for sponsored posts, its model is also used by LinkedIn and Twitter. After you set up your payment method with your social media account, you'll find prompts within your Facebook business account that show you how to boost posts on Facebook. After you know how to boost posts on Facebook, other networks like LinkedIn and Twitter will come naturally.

6. Include strong calls to action.

This is a best practice in digital marketing and also is a great way to increase conversions and engagement. When you clearly communicate a strong call-to-action (CTA), you direct  your prospects to a conversion goal. Consider a CTA strategy for social media engagement and use it as a way to improve user experience, your user should never be left wondering what to do next.

How to create a CTA and improve social media engagement? If you are promoting a sale and want people to register or want prospects to sign up for a webinar, clearly tell them to "Sign Up" or "Register" or "Buy Now" or 'Comment' after your pitch. Keep your CTAs short, clear and simple and put them in a button or make sure they are hyperlinked to a landing page that matches the copy.

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7. Turn to crowdsourcing.

A great way to improve social media engagement is to leverage your existing community and crowdsourcing advice on a prompt. Instead of creating original content from scratch, ask your community for it. For example, if you are in the fashion industry and see a shirt that's slightly off color, ask your community what they think about it. Try to get your community involved and get your brand evangelists or industry enthusiasts working on your behalf.

How to crowdsource and improve social media engagement? Dig through old emails, social media messages or special case studies and target questions that resonate with your target audience. A simple status update on your social media profile asking for help from your community can lead to a whole thread of comments which also can act as an original source for content.


There are a lot of social media marketing tools and expert tips that offer value on how one can widen their social media circle and increase social media engagement. Today, branded search results act as a brand's online business card, showing prospects exactly what their business is all about. When a brand connects with a target audience through social media, they bank emotional currency and improve brand goodwill which can, in turn, persuade prospects during the purchasing cycle.

If you think we have missed out of any valuable tips on how to improve social media engagement, feel free to share your favorite methods with us in our comments section.

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