7 Ways Your Personal Brand Sucks

Business.com / Careers / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Is your personal branding not going as good as you hoped? If so, check out these seven things that could be making it hard for you.

Personal branding is one of the main ways you are going to market your brand. Failing to do this will leave you in a difficult position.

A whole 53 percent of decision makers have eliminated vendors because of what they found out about them online.

There are many things nobody told you about personal branding, and that’s why your personal branding campaign sucks.

But you do have the opportunity to turn things around. Your personal brand is malleable and noticing some simple flaws in your campaign can be the catalyst that turns your personal brand into a sales-generating machine.

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1. You Write Like an Idiot

To start with, every time you communicate you need to make sure that you are communicating like someone who can communicate a coherent thought. If your content is full of grammar mistakes and spelling errors, you are going to come off as a third grader.

Ever since personal branding and blogging became popular, there have been so many embarrassing posts made by CEOs of companies. Don’t become one of them.

2. Delivering Too Much Information

It’s true that content is king and people adore long-form content, but there’s a limit. If you have something truly valuable to say, a long post can pay dividends. The problem is most people are just trying to fill space. If you are prone to rambling on and on about nothing, you are going to look more like a second-hand car salesperson than someone running a professional company.

3. Your Content is Fluff

Fluff content is a part of content marketing that delivers no value. It’s there for the sake of it. Many companies find themselves delivering fluff content because they believe they have to post one or two blog posts every week and they can’t think of what to post. Not only is this going to annoy Google, but it’s also going to turn customers away.

Why would they keep coming back to your site when the CEO continually posts nothing of value? This is the reason why your content marketing campaign doesn’t work.

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4. Too Many Inspirational Quotes

One trend that has never died is that companies will fill up their social media feeds with various inspirational quotes. This may work for teenage girls, but for a professional company there’s nothing worse. You are sending mixed messages because you are quoting someone else.

The reason why someone is on your feed is because they want to hear from you not someone else.

5. Your Images Suck

Your personal brand is not just about what you say it’s about what you’re showing. Someone who, rather than posting a profile picture, posts a picture of their abs is likely arrogant and completely in love with themselves. That’s not someone you want to get to know.

Images are powerful and they can destroy your brand if you happen to post the wrong thing. The images you post should be of HD quality and they should communicate something. Think about a number of keywords that reflect your company and make sure that your visual marketing campaign embraces those keywords.

6. There is No Call-to-Action

A personal brand is not all about you. The biggest misconception is that a personal brand is essentially the same thing as your personal social media feed. The personal brand is a marketing tool. It’s designed to create a relationship with your customers so you can eventually lead them to whatever you happen to be selling.

Like any form of marketing, there must be a call-to-action. When someone views the CEO’s Facebook feed, you should have a firm idea in mind for where you want to send them next. Tell your prospects where you want them to go, otherwise your personal brand is not pulling its own weight. Without a call-to-action, it’s practically pointless.

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7. You're Just Not Cool

A relaxed approach to personal branding will always trump a serious CEO. Your personal brand is important, but it’s still just a Twitter account. It’s not something that’s going to define the rest of your life. If you are overly serious, you will only succeed in giving off the impression that you are sensitive and therefore too difficult to work with.

Be willing to take a joke and try to act as casually as you can. It may not be your personal Facebook feed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat it like that. Customers want real, not fake.


Changing your personal brand isn’t as difficult as you think. With some well-placed changes, you can make all the difference to your organization.

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