7 Web Apps Your Business Should Be Using

Business.com / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

7 web apps that can help your small business manage projects, evaluate marketing efforts and more.

You can't run a business alone. You rely on people -- your employees, mentors and customers -- and technology. The right technology can compact your more-than-a-day's-worth of tasks into just eight hours.

Here are seven tech tools that can help you manage projects, evaluate marketing efforts and more. Utilize one (or more) of these web apps and you'll end up with more time in the day to take on bigger (and more profitable) tasks.

Pivotal Tracker

It will help...you manage all your business' projects. The scoop: Keep track of the small details of every project while focusing on the overall goal. Pivotal Tracker will keep up with step-by-step progress of the projects of every employee -- from the designers to the CEO. The tool offers multiple features.

  • Stories allows for communication between all workers.
  • Release Markers helps track progress and reach deadlines.
  • Charts allow for an analysis of work trends, so that you can see what works and what doesn't.

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10,000 Feet

It will help...your creative team collaborate. The scoop: Collaboration among the creative team is essential, but without software, it's difficult. 10,000 Feet helps progress a project from one creative team member to the next. With many unique features, it's a great creative project management tool.

  • Visual Resource Planning will help managers see who has enough on their plates and who can take on the next big project.
  • Big Picture Project Planning lets you look at all aspects of a single project -- the progression, the completed deliverables, the remaining budget and more.
  • Time and Expense Tracking will help keep your business on track and ultimately help boost your team's profitability.


It will help...you find a co-working space. The scoop: Co-working spaces are popping up throughout the nation -- and it's not easy to decide where's best for your business. Pick the features that are valuable to you, such as price, city/state, amount of space and more. TheSquareFoot will then narrow down the number of options, making your decision easier.


It will help...protect all your business' data. The scoop: The fear of data loss will never keep you up at night with MozyPro. The cloud data protection service will allow for scheduled backups to run. Choose to automatically backup all your data daily, weekly or monthly-- so you won't have to hassle with that task yourself. The tool will regularly sync all your documents so you can work on any project at anytime from anywhere. These features match up to all the recommended steps for backing up data.

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It will help...manage all your social media pages. The scoop: Social media takes time --sometimes more than you can give. BuzzBundle allows your business to gain the benefits of being on social media in a fraction of the time. Schedule posts, easily interact with fans/followers, monitor your brand's name, track discussions of your competitors and more with this tool. BuzzBundle condenses the job of a social media manager into a task that you can manage during your busy day.

Marketing Grader

It will help...you evaluate and improve your social media marketing efforts. The scoop: It's easy to put a lot of time and effort into social media marketing, but your ROI isn't always obvious. Marketing Grader will take a look at your social media pages and perform an in-depth analysis. You'll learn about your reach, content creation and your fans' engagement -- then get the help you need to improve your efforts and reach desired results. Marketing Grader also provides a similar service for blogging, SEO and lead generation efforts.

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It will help...your e-mail marketing efforts. The scoop: E-mail marketing is an easy way to increase sales -- if you know what you're doing. Campaigner will work with your business to help you succeed. This tool will help you:

  • Create a contact list
  • Segment your subscribers into multiple audiences
  • Autorespond to e-mails to save time
  • Build your own e-mail template
  • Manage and analyze campaigns

What tools do you use?

The list of helpful tools and web apps for businesses doesn't end here. There are hundreds available, all which can increase your productivity and your profitability.

Have you used any of these tools? Are there others ones that you rely on? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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